Growing Blueberries – Soil Requirements

Blueberries have a very specific soil growing requirements. Organic matter, ph level, soil moisture and site location are all very important in growing a healthy, thriving crop.

Garden Decking Planning

Considering a deck for your garden? The difference between a great deck and an eyesore are all in the planning. For step by step planning for your garden ask yourself these questions…

Attracting Insects to Your Garden – For Pest Control and Pollination

Erecting an Insect nest box or providing an Insect Habitat and feeding station can be a great way to encourage more wildlife to your garden. Attracting the right insects has several benefits…

Food Gardening

It is estimated that over 33 million households have a vegetable garden in their yard 2 million more grow at a friend, neighbors, or relatives. There are also 1 million households that grow in a community garden plot.

Why Choose Organic Lawn Products

Picking the right fertilizer for your lawn does matter if you really want to have a lush green lawn. As there are many fertilizers that are available in the market, organic product is gaining its popularity. Organic fertilizer is made from all natural products which has no side effects for your grasses. And the benefit of this product makes every homeowner happy.

Comfrey Uses, Medicinal And Ornamental – Every Garden Needs It

Comfrey uses for medicinal purposes are almost magical qualities! These healing properties are why Comfrey has been referred to as boneset, knitbone, and bruisewort since the middle ages and also has been known as the healing agent for fractures.

Hydroponic Tips for Apartment Dwellers: Water Can Be Dangerous!

Apartment dwellers with hydroponic gardens need to be extra careful because accidents can potentially impact those living around them. Nobody wants to get evicted because of a mistake. Let me share a story with you to illustrate my point.

How to Grow Organic Grapes at Home

Growing grapes at home is one of the most popular endeavors that garden owners want to successfully fulfill. Its existence is almost as old as the process of wheat growing and bread making. Both have shown to growth with progress of all other civilizations. Nowadays, making wine from the grapes produce has been a gratifying activity even to home grapes growers.

How to Water Orchids Properly

Watering orchids properly is essential for the health of your plants. To water your orchids the right way, you need to consider the type of plant you have, the potting medium you use, and also the temperature and humidity in your area.

Benefits of Hydroponic Herb Gardening

One of the most popular trends that is going on right now is people growing their own greens and herbs for cooking. This used to be something that you needed outdoor space for but in the last few years, technology has made it so even someone living in an apartment with limited space can grow his or her own herbs. The trend for growing produce instead of buying it has piggybacked on the push for organic and healthier food as obesity in the United States rises, and since there is nothing better for you than vegetables that you grow yourself, gardening has taken off in popularity.

Tips for Better Home Care of House Plants During Winter

During the winter months, while we are trying to keep our homes warm, we are also containing many pollutants in those same boundaries. House plants can remove up to 87% of pollutants from our homes. We especially need this during the winter months.

Plant Growing Lights for Indoor Gardens And Greenhouses

When buying lights for growing plants, the selection depends on what you hope to accomplish. Whether it is starting seedlings, encouraging active bloom production or just wintering over your plants you need to provide a natural type of light to have the best performance in indoor gardens and greenhouses. This article explains the types of grow lights for indoor plans in the market today that can accomplish this for you.

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