European Night Crawlers- Food Big or Little Worms Who Ate All Their Food?

An Alternative To Composting: The Bokashi Method

A new spin on recycling food wastes involves pickling in a bucket, not turning massive stinky piles. ALL food wastes can go into these buckets, including meats and dairy products, cooked and raw. As the food wastes pickle, the microbes produce a variety of beneficial substances. Some of these substances include enzymes, vitamins, amino acids, trace minerals, some plant hormones, and organic acids. The pickling process also controls pathogens and damages seeds in the container.

Seed Starting 101

Starting your own plants from seeds to the novice and sometimes even the experienced gardener seems like an overwhelming task. It just seems so complicated and such a big production, when in reality it is very simple with a little planning and not much effort.

Choosing Containers for Container Gardening

There are thousands of containers that are great for gardening. Depending on your budget, the plants you plan to grow and how you want your garden to look, some are better than others. Here are some things to consider when buying containers for your garden.

Relaxing In Your Beautiful Garden

All of us want to have a special place where we can go and just relax, when the day is done. In our busy lives today, there is little time to just sit and relax. But, when the long days and warmer temperatures of summer are upon us, we will want to be able to relax and enjoy the fruits of our labors with our family and friends.

Organic Cabbages – How To Grow Them Without Using Seeds

An organic gardening secret from the 16th century that grows more vegetables and keeps rare seed pure. It’s simple to apply – but your gardening friends won’t have heard of it!

March Garden Chores

Well As March approaches it is time to think about getting started on the garden chores. I know that you probably did a good cleanup last fall but I am sure that plenty of leaves and winter debris have blown in and collected in flower beds and along fences.

Hate Mosquitoes? You Need Bats! Now, Before Spring, Is The Time To Take Control

Spring is just around the corner, and very soon we will be able to start enjoying the great outdoors again. However, in most areas of North America, uncontrolled mosquitoes will wreak havoc on your outdoor activities. One of the most effective and environmentally friendly ways to control the mosquito population near you is to install a bat house. A small bat can eat hundreds of mosquitoes in a single hour. As the weather warms up, bats will leave their hibernation and start looking for new summer homes.

8 Tips for Preparing Your Garden for Spring

When is the perfect time to begin thinking about what needs to be done to prepare your garden for spring? The answer: while the snow and ice are starting to melt! Ensuring you properly prepare your garden for spring will guarantee it will thrive all year long.

Simple Succulents

Succulents are plants that have evolved and adapted to the natural environment. In some parts of the world, the rainfall is seasonal and the plants growing there have to provide for their water needs by storing it within their tissues. Succulents have achieved this, although as always there are exceptions to the rule. These plants can be grown in either a container or a garden!

Grow Tent – Get a Head Start On Your Garden and Grow Year Long With a Grow Tent

Using a grow tent can jump start your garden by allowing you to grow indoors all year long. Learn about the benefits and features of grow tents, and how you can use them to boost your growing potential.

Clay Soil – Making Natural Nutrients Available To Plants

Clay soil has it’s faults, but it also has many benefits that no other soil has. It is a soil that has outstanding quality if you are up to the challenge of working with it. Improving the structure of clay soil takes some time and patience, and is well worth the investment. Soil conditioners that contain humic acid can be the answer you are looking for.

Knowing How Tomatoes Grow Will Help You Become An Expert Tomato Grower

Tomatoes are a one of a kind fruit. They are pretty big favorites by fruit lovers all around the world. If you look at your favorite food like spaghetti and your favorite ketchup, more than likely you will find a tinge of tomato as an ingredient. This is also scary but almost everyone is jumping on growing tomatoes like some kind of frenzy. In the USA, if you conduct a survey, more than likely every home that has a good amount of space at their back will have a tomato garden.

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