European Night Crawlers- Large Compost Worms

European Night Crawlers- Large Compost Worms

What You Really Need to Know About Planning a Garden

Every garden is a challenge in one way or another but sometimes a new garden whether left by the builders or by its ex-owner is almost a threat! But take heart! Many of the prettiest and most entertaining gardens I know have been made by people who knew nothing or little about planning a garden, let alone about gardening itself when they began.

Proven Tips to Grow Stunning Orchid Flowers

Go anywhere in the world looking for flowers and you will likely be led back to the orchid flower as one of the most unique and stunning flowers of all. Learn the basic tips of growing stunning orchids in your home.

Imaginative Gardening Ideas for Starting a Garden for Children

If you are starting a garden for children and are looking for gardening ideas or just for a labour-saving theme, and the contemporary gardens are too radical, too extreme, too austere for you, consider making a wild garden from your plot. Here, two essentials are most important. You must make a really careful choice of materials, suitable plants to be set at apparent random or in a haphazard pattern of planting.

Does Your Orchid Have Yellow Leaves? Learn the Solutions to This Common Problem

Yellow orchid leaves are not uncommon. Don’t panic. Learn recognize the core problems related to yellow leaves and solve them without harming your orchid.

Grow Up With Vertical Gardening!

Sometimes you just don’t have the space in your garden to plant everything that you want. If you are limited to a container garden or to a small backyard garden, you’re probably limited when planting vegetables. However, there is another way! Vertical gardening is a great option for those with less space!

Wild Flowers

Most flowers we are familiar with are cultivated by a human hand. Way back the earliest civilizations, humans have already cultivated flowers. But still, there are many flowers that grow naturally.

Growing Orchids Under Lights – Is It An Alternative Way Of Cultivating Orchids?

The Orchid loves the sun, but growing orchids under lights will also achieve the same, if not better effect. It is known that when they are grown under artificial light can actually produce…

Growing Orchids Indoors Can Be A Bit Of A Challenge!

Growing orchids indoors can pose a challenge, especially if you are quite new in this hobby. Growing orchids outdoors is already challenging, with the help of Mother Nature; what more if you put…

Starting a Garden – How to Plan for Convenience

Just as a well-planned kitchen can save a great deal of unnecessary work, so can a well-planned garden. If you are starting a garden, you have every opportunity to plan your plot so that it affords you more time for leisure and pottering than it takes to do the heavier work. And even if yours is an established garden, it is necessary to look at it critically every once in a while to ask yourself if one boring task could not be eliminated or one time-consuming job made shorter.

Traditional Vegetable Gardening – How to Make It Easy!

Anyone who’s ever had a go at vegetable gardening knows that it takes a lot of hard work, But think about it – why do we take so much time and effort? Nature grows by itself, so why can’t this happen in the vegetable garden?

Designing a Narrow Sloping Garden

It is quite an interesting thing to design a narrow sloping garden for your house. These gardens are usually partly leveled. As back of the house usually enjoys a good amount of sunlight, but in sloping garden the ground slopes steeply in the garden, so the terrace is usually put at lower level of the garden.

Dehydrating Herbs – A Great Way To Use Your Home-Grown Herbs Throughout The Year

Looking for a great way to use your home-grown herbs throughout the year? Dehydrating herbs helps to provide you with fresh herbs to use and cook with all through the year. It is cost-effective and healthier to grow your own herbs when compared with the prices you pay at grocery store.

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