European Nightcrawlers (ENC) – Even More Cocoon!! 04/29/2022

European Nightcrawlers (ENC) - Even More Cocoon!! 04/29/2022

Orchids Pots – Many Different Kinds

Sometime the frame is just as important as the picture. A orchid pot will add structure to what is being said by the plant and its blooms.

Key Tips For Watering Orchids

Many people love the smell and beauty of orchids, but they are reluctant to grow them for a variety of reasons, not least of all because of cost and how difficult they can be to keep alive. Even though they can be hard to grow, most successful orchid enthusiasts find out that watering orchids properly is possibly the most important aspect to ensuring the grow and remain healthy.

5 Tips For Getting Your Orchid Lights Just Right

Helpful tips to meet your orchids light requirements. Discusses 5 easy ways to get the right light to your orchids including, natural and artificial light, shading, leaf quality and light meters.

Common Enemies of the Rose Bush and How to Combat Them

Beautiful as roses are, human beings are unfortunately not their sole admirers. Growing roses is not as intimidating as it sounds, though, and with a few simple formulas you can ward off unwanted pests and enjoy beautiful, healthy, fragrant blooms in no time.

How to Propagate Orchids – Let Me Count the Ways

When a gardener is asked about plant propagation the conversation turns to planting seeds or taking a cutting or even division of a plant. This is the same conversation when propagation of orchids is talked about.

A Potting Shed For the Serious Gardner

If you are serious about your gardening, you know how important it is to have a proper storage space for all your gardening equipment, for these require proper maintenance and care, too. Dumping them in the garage along with the bikes and cars will make them lose their value and functionality.

How to Create a Space Like Bents Garden Centre

If you have an eye for creativity and you have a green thumb, then gardening must be one of your favorite hobbies. Most gardeners devote a lot of their time to making their landscape projects almost as beautiful as the Bents Garden Centre. The classic luxury theme they have is a good inspirational idea to make your outdoor or indoor living space more attractive.

Let the Flowers Do the Talking

You may have heard it said that anything that can be said (by word of mouth) could be said better using a bouquet of fresh flowers. But you wonder how to get that ideal bouquet that will say exactly what you have in mind and not a word less. Well, look no further; with this set of instructions, you need not utter a single word; just let the flowers do the talking.

Fresh Flowers Or Silk?

When you set out to buy flowers, it is highly likely that you will think about two factors: price and durability. For this reason, some prefer silk flowers to fresh flowers because they are advantageous on both counts; they cost little and can last forever. But there are a number of reasons why these two advantages are not the only things you need to look for in buying flowers.

Fresh Flowers – Which Ones?

When you set out to buy flowers, the sheer variety of them may overwhelm you, rendering you confused and spoilt for choice. But thinking about a few aspects of different species of flowers should give you the answer you are looking for – the perfect fresh flowers for exactly what you have in mind. For a long time, different flower species have been associated with certain meanings.

Fresh Flower Handling Tips

The last time you bought fresh flowers, they did not last as long as they should have. You had put them in water as soon as you got home and checked on them everyday to ensure that conditions were ideal for them to thrive. But in a week’s time, you had to let them go. You swore you would never again buy them fresh and vowed to stick to the silk ones that never disappoint. But before you make any rash conclusions, confirm if you stuck to the following tips in your handling of them.

Indoor Bonsai Tree

Indoor bonsai plants can be a great addition to any household. When you set out to find the perfect indoor bonsai tree for your living room, or any other space for that matter, there are a few things you need to know that will help you select the perfect indoor bonsai for your situation.

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