European Nightcrawlers (ENC) – Food Disappearing Quickly! 05/30/2022

European Nightcrawlers (ENC) - Food Disappearing Quickly! 05/30/2022

Who Else Wants to Learn These Easy, No-Fuss Gardening Tips?

While a lot of renovating connoisseurs shy away from the subject, basic gardening can be quite easy as pie for beginners in terms of spending and effort. It only requires the right amount of space, the right tools and supplies, as well as the right enthusiastic mindset to absolutely get you going. Ready to start working on the picturesque garden that you’ve always wanted?

Is Orchid Propagation Really As Difficult As They Make it Seem?

Although there is a common misconception that in order to be successful with orchid propagation you need to have a green house, the truth is that many different people in various parts of the world do it every day without the use of a greenhouse. There are many different kinds of orchids, and nearly all of them can be found in or around the house.

Should a Bonsai Be Re Potted Yearly?

Should a bonsai be re potted yearly is a question that comes up at Spring time every year. If you have a large collection of bonsai, there is always the temptation to leave a few trees until later to re pot some of them.

Japanese Garden

More and more often in home gardens, we find elements of Japanese gardens in a characteristically cut trees. Recently, more and more owners decide to gardens on their device in the Japanese style.

How to Make Orchid Wedding Bouquets

Orchid wedding bouquets will add class and beauty to any bride’s corsage. Unfortunately they can be quite costly if you get them custom made.

Grow Your Own Organic Food Now

It’s easier than you think to grow your own organic vegetables. Start now and you will soon learn the basics of producing your own chemical-free food supply.

Orchid Information, Water and Fertilize Tips For Beginners

Growing orchids can be much easier than you might think. There are literally hundreds of varieties of orchids. For beginners having the right information can make all the difference between a happy flowering plant or a sad species.

Humane Ways to Keep Rabbits Out of Your Garden

Yes, there are ways to keep those pesky rabbits and deer from creating havoc in your gardens. Put away the cages and stop building higher deer fences.

Container Herb Gardening – Discover the Top 5 Ways to Choose Your Plants

We can identify the best herbs for container herb gardening and this is very ideal for planters which don’t have enough spaces in their respective homes. In other countries like Japan, container gardening is even encouraged by the experts.

Growing Apples – The 5 Most Common Varieties

In the past, choosing an apple tree for your garden was an easy choice because of the limited varieties. These days, however, selective breeding has exploded the amount of options you have. Here are 5 of the most common types of commercially available apples to grow.

Benefits of Growing a Vegetable Garden

We have definitely done a lot of progress in terms of science and technology, but soon we will have to pay a price for it. Due to the rapid growth of industries, the air and water that we consume today isn’t the way it used to be a few years ago and soon the younger generations will suffer from critical health issues. Also the food that we eat is grown using harmful chemicals!

Watering Orchids – 6 Simple Rules of (Green) Thumb

Watering orchids can be as simple as setting up a regular routine and testing and adjusting the environment in which they live. However, orchids are not all the same and different species require different watering methods and routines. In fact even the time of year will dictate how often you water.

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