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How To Create A Simple Vegetable Garden

Because of all the pesticides in the market, some people are very skeptical when it comes to getting fruits and vegetables that they eat. Most of us prefer organically grown greens because of the risks that pesticides and other chemicals used on plants possess.

Dwarf Plumeria – Plant Information and Care

There are few true dwarf plumeria plants in existence. The best example of a dwarf plumeria plant is the Dwarf Singapore Pink. Origins of the plant are unknown, despite its Singapore name. The dwarf plumeria is rumored to be the only plumeria able to bloom indoors, giving this plant a range of locations in which to thrive.

The Best Flowers For Your Garden

You have a piece of lot in your back or front yard that you don’t know what to do with. You decided that you want to create a garden but then you don’t know how to do it. What is the easy solution? Flower beds.

What You Need To Know About A Japanese Zen Garden

Japanese Zen Gardens are very minimalist in character. It exudes symbolism and forces the onlooker to experience the garden itself.

Pruning Climbing Roses – There Is A Difference

The very first thing you have to know is that climbing roses don not climb like regular vines do. They do not twist close to or attach to whatever they come in contact with like ivy or grape vines do. Instead, they put out lengthy, longer, and longer, vigorous, arching canes.

Easy Ways to Deal With Pests For Growing Miniature Roses

When growing miniature roses, you need to care for them like you are caring for a little child. You have to feed it, nurture it and love it.

Having a Vegetable Garden

There are many families today who have kitchen gardens that they use to produce their own food. If your are interested in a more sustainable living, a vegetable garden is a wonderful supplement to a family diet. An average family can spend around $70 to grow a vegetable garden every year and in return get close to $600 worth of vegetables for their family.

A Simple Guide to Nursing the Rose Bush

There are many rose garden enthusiasts who prefer bushes to climbers. No garden is complete however, without one or several rose plantings. Growing healthy rose bushes is rewarding and easy. With a little bit of rose bush nursing know-how you can get started today.

Earthworm Longevity Affected by PH Level in Peat Moss

The acidity of your soil can significantly change the longevity of your earthworms. A UK study by scientists Satchell and Dottie confirmed that a higher acidity level actually increases the lifespan of earthworms in peat moss. Studies suggests acidity levels affect longevity in other soils as well.

Do Flourescent Lights Really Work to Grow Plants?

Flourescent lights have been around for ages and most of us are very familiar with the light these flourescents give off. You may have also heard along the way that these flourescent light systems can actually be used to grow plants.

How Many Types of Orchid Can You Name?

Of the more than twenty five thousand different species, there are only two orchid types. The average person does not realize that many flowers which they refer to as simply flowers are in fact a type of orchid. The number of orchids is amazing, with over one hundred thousand hybrid species, each of which falls into those two orchid types categories.

Introduce a Rose Climber to Your Garden

Does your garden have a tree that could do with a little more life? Then why not use a rose climber to add new color and smells to the old tree, enhancing an old favorite feature with fresh new flowers and blooms.

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