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Orchid Information – Find the Best Type to Grow This Season

This article is all about the 2 types of orchids that are so popular in the market at present. This article also presents where can you find the best orchids to grow in your garden along with the current price.

Orchid Pruning – Three Reasons Why

A quick guide to orchid pruning. Outlining the three main reasons you should prune orchids and how this will improve your plants health and flowering ability.

Adenium Plants

Adenium plants are tropical in nature and sometimes mistakenly considered desert plants, yet they love water. Their wild relatives are fine with arid conditions. If well cared for and professionally managed, they can produce very beautiful blooms, which can attract visitors during horticultural fairs. They look marvelous in a florist shop, a plant nursery, or just in office or home.

Soil Probes – Easy Way to Perfectly Water Plants

A soil probe is a device you can use to take a sample of soil and measure the moisture content of a plant’s soil. This can help you determine if you are watering your plant enough or too much.

Things Done to Preserve The Lifespan of A Flower

There is a great quantity of floral shops at these times. Once you go to your local town, you would see a lot of floral shops situated around. For how many years, they have catered the needs of their respective clients and customers.

Cordyline Australis – How to Grow, What to Know

If you are considering buying a Cordyline tree or you are just trying to find out a little bit more about looking after them. Read the simple tips below to find out how Cordylines grow, and how to best look after them.

Orchid Propagation – How Is It Done?

This is an article about how to do orchid propagation. It is a simple write up for a DIY project you can do at home.

Ten Tips to Care for Your Orchids

If you’ve recently fallen in love with orchids and are just beginning to learn more about them, you could be forgiven for thinking that it all sounds very complicated. It isn’t really – armed with a little basic knowledge about caring for orchids, you’ll discover it’s not much different to caring for the other plants in your garden or home.

Grow Your Own Herbs – The Wonderful Basil Plant

Do you want to grow your own herbs? Basil is one of the simplest herbs to grow. It is best grown in March and can thrive almost everywhere — in a windowsill of your house, or at the greenhouse. Just make sure that the area where you place them is sunny enough so that your plant can receive its daily dose of sunshine. Basil is popularly used in cooking, so it’s a fantastic herb to grow indoors! This plant, however, is sensitive to the cold, so this makes growing them indoors ideal.

What Is Organic Garden Pest Control?

I’m a self-admitted lover of nature and natural gardening. When I was a boy I remember working in my Grandpa’s garden. He used to call me ‘Gordie The Apprentice’. Back then, before gardening was even called organic (it just was organic!), we were controlling pests the natural way.

How to Safely Water Orchids

Watering orchids is one of the chief reasons new orchid owners kill their plants. Get the facts and guidelines to water orchids in the proper manner and avoid future problems.

Golden Rules For Growing Your Phal Orchid

Phalaenopsis or Phal (in horticultural terminology) belongs to the botanical genus Phalaena. Also known as Moth orchids in view of their resemblance to large moths this monopodial monocot species is found abundantly in the Himalayan region, Taiwan, Australia, the Philippines; the islands of Mindanao, Zamboanga del Norte, Palawan and Polillo. However, some plants in Malaysia grow and flower as per the dictates of weather.

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