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Sharing Precious Moments With a Campanula Plant in Flower Boxes

Campanula, which means “little bell” in Latin is a bell-shaped bluish violet flowering plant. This flowering plant has different species and colors that best compliment a designer pot. Raising more of this plant can be more appealing if you are going to place it in a flower box. But what is ideally beautiful is having the Campanula plant placed in a hanging basket.

How to Start a Beginner Vegetable Garden

With people becoming increasingly intent on living a healthy lifestyle, there’s a growing trend of individuals starting their own vegetable garden. You can do the same too even if you’re experience in gardening is slim to none. After all, every grower has to start somewhere.

Pet Safe Fertilizer

Another kid and pet safe fertilizer is blood meal. It’s nothing more than dried blood. Many times, you’ll find it mixed with other ingredients such as bone meal. While it’s an effective way to add nitrogen to the soil, too much can burn your vegetation since it decomposes rapidly. However, if you have a compost pile and want to help get it cooking, it’s ideal.

The Compost Tumbler – Live A Greener Life

People living in today’s world are now more aware of how important it is to take care of our environment and preserve it in its natural state. Different organisations have already launched campaigns to care for the environment and we are all in these together because we are living on the same planet with depleting resources.

The Basics of Rose Pruning

Pruning is a simple and necessary part of keeping a rose healthy, strong and blooming. If you prune the rose wrong, you may not get a lot of flowers the following year, or none at all, but there is no wrong way to prune that will kill an established rose. If anything, if you can live with a couple of years of no flowers, the rose will get a lot of rest and renewed energy for new growth. See why, when, how and what roses to prune.

Create a Child’s Garden

There are few things that match the joy of watching children take charge of little projects, and gardening projects are no exception. Set aside a little patch of dirt for your kids to plant seeds and watch things grow. Stick to annuals. Turn the dirt at a spade’s depth early in the spring, to ensure that most of the seeds will germinate. Prepare little starter flats for annuals, if you would like to start some of the plants indoors. Make sure the little gardeners have child sized gardening utensils: a little watering can, a tiny hoe, gardening gloves, a little rake.

How to Make Raised Bed Vegetable Garden

These days, virtually all reasons why you can’t start a garden are not valid. Learning how to make raised bed vegetable garden would make it possible for anybody to grow their own vegetables right in their own yard. And that’s exactly what most people intent on living the healthy lifestyle has been doing these days.

A Guide to Starting an Above Ground Organic Garden

There are certainly many advantages to starting an above ground organic garden. In fact, this method of gardening is fast becoming popular among home growers these days. It’s certainly due to the fact that it’s easier to maintain, care and harvest this kind of garden.

Tomatoes Growing Indoors: More Flavor, More Fun!

Not only is it fun and fairly easy to grow tomatoes indoors, gardening is an excellent activity for anybody to do. Scientific studies have shown that gardening is good not only for physical, but for mental health as well. This article tells you what you need to get started growing tomatoes inside!

Preparing Your Garden on a Budget With Rattan Garden Furniture

To save money on plants it is wise to start growing any flowers from seeds. Seeds only cost a fraction of the price of a full grown plant and although they take some patience to grow, it is worth it in the end.

Watering Equipment – Most Popular Garden Supplies

To achieve the best possible results out of a garden the right equipment needs to be used. Watering equipment is a very important part of proper garden maintenance. Having the right watering equipment will make the garden produce better, look better, and make the entire gardening experience more enjoyable.

Grateful Garden Flower – Red Valerian

There are numerous benefits that can be derived from the cultivation of red valerian in your garden. Firstly, its attractive corollas and breathtaking flowers help to make your yard and garden beautiful. Red valerian can also be cut and used to decorate the interior parts of your home and if kept in water, it can last about a week. The roots and leaves of the red valerian are consumed by many people all over the world and used in salads, soups and various recipes.

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