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Growing Greens

One thing we know for sure is that eating greens is really good for you. But some people really dislike greens. I can’t blame them when you taste some of the greens you can buy in your local shop. Growing and eating your own greens is totally different. And the good thing is that they aren’t very hard to grow. There are a variety of different greens such as: Cabbages, purple sprouting and different types of kale.

Gardening Tools for Beginning Gardeners

While it is possible to create a beautiful garden without a bunch of expensive equipment, having the right gardening tools can be an amazing time saver. Yes you can dig holes with your hands but why do all that work when using a hand trowel accomplishes the same thing?

Spring Shopping List To Start The Growing Season

For the best weed control, apply a 2-inch layer of Preen Mulch Plus, which has two effective pre-emergent herbicides to prevent the seeds from nearly 100 weeds from sprouting in one time-saving step. The mulch, which comes in Russet Red, Chestnut Brown, Midnight Black and Premium, fights weed seeds for six months.

Keep Your Feet on the Ground by Using the Tree Loppers Telescopic Facility

There comes a time when many trees need pruning. Maybe there are damaged branches that need removing perhaps after being subjected to gale force winds. When to use a pole pruner, telescopic pole pruner or other tree pruning garden tools?

Ghost Chili Peppers – One of the World’s Hottest Peppers

Ghost chili peppers are one of the world’s hottest peppers. Did you know you can grow your own crazy hot peppers in your own home or in your garden? Learn more about this fascinating hot pepper that has a Scoville heat rating of over 1 million.

Spring Wildcrafting – Gathering Food Part 1

When Spring has finally won its battle with Winter and ground starts to become green it is time for Spring wildcrafting. What is wildcrafting? Wildcrafting is the act of gathering your food from the wild. No matter what part of the country you live in, if you are knowledgeable you could find a good portion of your food each day.

The Difference Between Organic and Traditional Gardening

Organic food is regarded as the most important factor in healthy way of life. In contrary to traditional gardening, which is numbers targeted and dependent on fertilizers, organic garden, whether it is cultivated in your own yard or in much bigger range on organic farm, bases on different objectives. It is more value and health focused.

Good Enough To Eat

We are all familiar with vegetable flowers in the form of Cauliflower, Broccoli and Artichokes, but other, more ornamental flowers have been used in the cuisine of cultures all over the world for thousands of years. The Romans were keen on them, as were the ancient Chinese, and European medieval writings talk about feasts of venison cooked with marigolds and violets in salads. Using peppery Nasturtium flowers in salads and sweet, perfumed rose petals in desserts is quite well known, but did you also know:

Growing Asparagus – Step-By-Step System

Many people are worried about growing asparagus, but growing your own asparagus isn’t as difficult as many people think. But asparagus do demand time and patience. But you will be rewarded with the freshest and best tasting asparagus you have ever had. You don’t need loads of land or any experience to grow asparagus. But it does help if you like gardening!

Scotts Fertilizer

When we speak of lawn fertilizers, let alone fertilizers in general, Scotts Fertilizer is definitely a household name. Whether you are shopping in the popular gardening stores like Lowe’s or even in a local mart, Scotts Fertilizer can never be missing on the shelf; or if it is, chances are it’s out of stock. What Are The Ingredients In Scotts Fertilizer You may be wondering why Scotts Fertilizer has made quite a name in the Home and Gardening industry.

Orchid Growing – 5 Critical Orchid Care Mistakes

If you want to your orchids to have more beautiful flowers and bloom consistently then you need to consider 5 important orchid care tips. These five things are humidity, light, ventilation, temperature and insects and disease. Orchids like humid conditions. And you should consider giving your plants an environment that provides 50% – 70% humidity.

Gardening Tips for Newbies

Decide which flowers and foods you want to grow before you begin the planting process. Are rose gardens something you’ve always wanted to grow? Do you want to have fresh herbs for your dinner every night?

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