Forbidden Foods Update: How Did the European Night Crawlers Do??

Backyard Wildlife Habitats – Some Shocking Suggestions

It’s the dead of winter for us. Your plants have either dropped leaves, are hibernating or are at least shivering. Why would you want to start thinking about reshaping your yard now? Actually, this is the best time to plant certain trees and shrubs. And it is as good a time as any to think through how you would like your yard to become a backyard wilderness habitat.

Fertilizers for Your Rose Garden

Roses fall in the category of the strong growing plants and great demands are made by them on food reserves of soil. It is necessary to follow some manuring programme in a regular fashion. It is also necessary for this programme to be in balanced form.

How You Can Help Develop Community Gardening

Developing a community gardening program is not a simple one two three task but nor is it an insurmountable obstacle. The most important first step is a commitment to do the project.

A Look At Native Plants

What are native plants? A good explanation would be plants such as trees, shrubs, vines, grasses, and sedges that were growing in America before the European settlers arrived.

Aquaponis – The Importance of Water Quality

Aquaponics, as with any method of gardening, water quality is a crucial issue, and with the right combination of nutrients to the water you are off to a great start. Whether gardening in an organic soil environment or water garden, water is needed and it needs to be of good quality.

What Is Overwatering Your Bonsai?

If you planned your bonsai’s soil well, if drainage is good, you can water until you are blue in the face and the excess water will always harmlessly drain away. And if you water only when the soil surface is dry, the frequency aspects of overwatering do not exist at all.

Biological Controls

Most plants in the greenhouse are grown to eat, so avoid spraying them with insecticide as far as possible. Fortunately, there are a number of biological measures to control pests. Several common garden pests can be controlled by other insects, which either eat or parasitize the pest. For example, the small wasp will control whitefly, while a predatory mite can be used against spider mite attacks, and nematodes can be used to attack vine weevils. Introduce the biological control as soon as the first signs of attack are noticed, remove yellow sticky traps and do not use chemicals that might kill the biological controls.

Freezing Herbs: 5 Little Steps for Year Round Flavor

How many times have you harvested fresh herbs or bought a bunch of fresh herbs and then only use a small amount? Freezing herbs is a great way to store herbs and retain their fresh flavor. Freezing herbs is simple, cooking with them is easy, and the fresh flavor is retained. If you’re storing culinary herbs, here’s no reason why you shouldn’t freeze them.

Growing Eggplant And Herbs

This plant is sometimes called eggplant due to the white, egg shaped fruit produced by some varieties. The eggplant is an extremely versatile vegetable and is widely used in Mediterranean cooking. Eggplants are related to tomatoes, and are just as easy to grow. However, they do need long growing season to get reliable crops. This means sowing in late winter in a propagator set to 21 degree Celsius. Soak the eggplant seeds overnight before sowing. Prick out seedlings individually as soon as they are large enough to handle, and then grow them on at a temperature of 16 degree Celsius.

The Number One Way To Build A Gardening Bed

Ready to start gardening, but unsure of how to build a gardening bed? There are several ways to do it, but this article teaches one of the easiest and low-cost ways to make a new garden bed.

5 Steps to Planning Your Dream Garden

Gardening has always been considered as one of the most fulfilling and relaxing hobbies. This is because it allows you to create your dream garden right outside your home using the plants that you want and an overall design that suits your taste and style.

Orchids to Buy

This article deals with some tips and guidelines you should definitely take into account before purchasing your beautiful orchid plant. It is surely convenient for every orchid buyer to bring home an orchid that offers a certain guarantee to grow healthy and last for a long time.

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