Ten Easy Ways to Kill Your Trees and Shrubs

Sick of all those trees and shrubs cluttering up the yard? Enjoy buying and exterminating expensive plants? Read on my friends and find out how to kill all that pesky vegetation.

Growing Carrots In Containers

Have you been struggling to grow perfect straight carrots which are not stubby or forked? For many years my attempts to grow carrots have been fraught with failure.

The Two Faces of a White Garden

If you’re planning something out of the ordinary in your garden, or just hoping to create a great setting for outdoor evening entertainment, a white garden could be the ideal thing. Here’s a idea to that can turn pretty into perfect.

Getting Ready for Your Home Spring Garden

Each year as winter enters it’s dying months, the new seed catalogs start appearing in the mail. Each one is carefully read while we look for new flowers or a new vegetable the kids just might eat. For those out there that have never had a garden, the planning can be almost as much fun as actually planting the garden itself. Ask anyone who has spent a couple of hours with a child planting seeds and explaining to them what is going to happen in the next few weeks in their garden and you will get the same answer every time. This is what is called real quality time with your kids or Grand kids. We have a couple of seats in our garden for us to be able to sit and rest between doing the various chores gardens require. You will really enjoy the delight in your child’s eyes when they see the first sprouts emerge and……

Important Bamboo Plant Information You Should Know

Having reliable and accurate Bamboo Plant Information is essential for growing a healthy plant. In this article, we intend to offer you some tips, best practices and guidelines that would enable you to grow your favorite plant easily & effectively.

Mexican Bamboo – A Unique Bamboo Variety

What sets it apart from the rest is its ability to grow in disturbed soils. Where other plants have difficulty growing in such soil as there is hardly any room for deep root system, Mexican bamboo counters it in a very interesting way.

Tips On How To Grow A Healthy Bamboo Plant

A growing bamboo plant is indeed a healthy plant. But how exactly can you ensure that your plant not only grows but also stays healthy? We will show you how, starting from the history of Bamboo plants.

Sprouting Seeds Like a Pro

During our recent skill set seminar in Philadelphia they covered the topic of sprouting seeds. The presenter was very knowledgeable on the issue and I thought I would pass on some of the information which I gained for my readers benefit. Sprouting seeds is a fairly straight forward and simple process. It takes very little of your time and the end result can provide a tasty new treat for your evening salad or your favorite bowl of soup.

Fruit Tree Pruning

Pruning fruit trees is important for good tree health, for larger fruit and ease of picking. The initial formative pruning done on a young tree will influence its overall shape, production and ease of picking through its life. Keep these things in mind when you prune your fruit trees. You must look at your trees with an artistic eye and imagine the tree in a year, two years and full grown.

Organic Gardening – Soil Fertility

Soil fertility is very important with an organic garden. Plant life needs nutrients to survive, and grow healthy to defend themselves against disease. Organic fertilizers made from plant, animal, and mineral sources are the best choice in keeping a garden soil thriving with the needs for plants. Another advantage with organic fertilizers is that there is no sudden change to the makeup of the soil that can harm the natural microbial activity that is present in it, and continuously improving the soil structure.

Organic Matter – How It Benefits Garden Soil

Organic matter is a soil amendment that you add to your garden soil that contains organic compounds. It is decaying material, plant or animal. Animal manures, compost and green manure are all examples of organic matter that provide many benefits to plant life by dissolving minerals within the soil and improving the ability of plant uptake of both water and needed nutrients.

Who Wants a Healthy Lawn?

A healthy, bright green lawn is something that most homeowners want, the problem is it may be difficult to achieve. There are various factors, which affect the garden and lawns for many people. Maintaining a beautiful lawn will take some work.

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