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Growing Tomato Plants – 7 Common Problems

Setting up a new tomato garden? In this article Gryffith points out 7 common problems faced by tomato gardeners and gives suggestions on what can be done about them. Great advice that will be of particular value to the novice gardener.

Choosing a Water Fountain

There are many different types of water fountains. Some water fountains are for indoor use only and some are for outdoor use. In this article you will learn the different types of water fountains to help you decide which one is best for you.

Advice on Being Frugal on the Garden

Having a lovely garden full of flowering plants and shrubs can come at a cost. Visiting the garden centre and purchasing the things you need to keep your garden in pristine condition will take a large chunk of money in your wallet. But there are other ways to have a garden to be proud of, and one way is to be a frugal gardener.

6 Secrets For Growing Tomatoes in the Garden

Growing tomatoes in the garden can be a very interesting hobby to start, besides the fact that it will give you a sense of satisfaction as you see the first bulb. You will be able to grow your own tomatoes that are incomparable to those artificial and commercial produced found in supermarkets. You need to follow some important guidelines in order to grow tomatoes the best way and to its optimum state.

Late Summer Gardening

This is an opportune time to re-assess your ornamental garden design Summer is winding down. Most summer- blooming perennials are finished and getting ready for their winter slumber. Sturdy blooming plants still provide color to the garden.

Research the Many Varieties of Orchids

If you find yourself being attracted to particular orchid species to grow make sure you do some research first. Not all orchids are easy to grow. Doing a little research makes the process much smoother.

Using Growing Lights For an Orchid

Information on correct sunlight and shade for orchids. Includes positioning, the use of growing-lights and the “types” of orchid in relation to sun and shade.

2011 Hosta of the Year Praying Hands – Resembles Hands Folded in Prayer

Every year the American Hosta Growers Association chooses a Hosta of the Year. Each year everyone is eager to go out and purchase this hosta because of it’s notoriety. The hosta of the year is special and is recognized throughout the gardening industry, why wouldn’t you want to add this variety to your hosta collection.

Top 5 Tips For Herb Garden Design

There are ways to create a superb herb garden design and gardeners should know them so that they are properly guided. A garden design is very vital to make a garden aesthetically appealing. Read on to learn more about creative options in designing your herb garden.

Growing Vegetables in Containers Can Be an Easy Way to Garden

Growing vegetables in containers is a very rewarding and easy experience for any gardener. Almost any vegetable can be grown in a container. Here are some tips.

Outdoor Water Features – Choosing the Right Material

A guide to the different materials available when choosing an outdoor water feature. Written up from notes taken when researching a feature for my own garden.

Learning How to Care For Your Orchids

If you think orchids are difficult to grow, you would be wrong. The real secret to growing these beautiful flowers is research. By doing the research before you purchase can save time, money and frustration.

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