Hemp Bedding in a Worm Bin – Babies Found! 06/25/2022

Hemp Bedding in a Worm Bin - Babies Found! 06/25/2022

Growing Tomatoes In Your Garden – Here Are The Basics

For many people, tomatoes are often the first option when it comes to establishing a vegetable garden. Planting and nurturing your own tomato plants is not hard and the rewards of being able to eat fresh, organic tomatoes are immeasurable.

Pruning Your Orchids

Orchids can be enjoyed for over 100 years. Pruning your plant can be very worthwhile if you want a beautiful flower that can last a lifetime.

Orchid Information

Over the past few years, the orchids have become very fast one of the most favorite used house plant. There’re many different kinds of orchids that can be found naturally in the wild, and even more hybrids all over this magnificent world.

How to Protect a Vegetable Garden From Slugs

Slugs can be a very destructive garden pest. Use one or all of these 4 methods to keep protect your vegetable garden from slugs.

Growing an Indoor Herb Garden

Even if you don’t have a big backyard garden will not stop you from planting an indoor herb garden. There are some advantages to indoor gardening, for instance not having to worry about the weather, and several of the pests which attack plants when they develop outside. This also means that the conventional hoes, rakes, and shovels can be left within the garden shed and gone will be the require to roll-up garden hose by the end of the gardening day either.

5 Vegetables That Grow Well in the Shade

Take advantage of those shady garden spaces by planting one of these 5 vegetables that do well in the shade. You can increase the quantity and variety of your garden produce.

Orchid Information – Learn What Orchids Are

Orchids are much loved world over for their beauty. Learn what environment are suitable from them.

Starsigns And Birthday Flowers Hold A Deeper Meaning When You Add The Right Element

It may be the Year of the Metal Tiger on the Chinese calendar, but someone you know will also be celebrating a special birthday within the next month or two! If you can remember how great you felt the last time you received a delivery of flowers, then why not make someone special in your life feel great this year too by combining starsigns and birthday flowers to create a unique and memorable gift.

Getting Your Hydroponic Nutrients Just Right

When growing an indoor hydroponic garden, there are three essential nutrients that are necessary for optimal plant growth: phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen. In addition to those, there are secondary hydroponic essentials like magnesium, calcium, iron, and such. Your plants will require the right balance of all in order for you to achieve a good harvest.

6 Tips For Choosing Plants For Your Green Roof

There are two types of green roofs when it comes right down to it – intensive and extensive roofs. Extensive green roofing is made up of one shallow layer of planting material, making the choice of plants a little trickier. Intensive roofing is made up of either a deeper planting base or several depths, so choosing plants for it becomes more about the fun than the depth.

Do You Know How to Protect the Air Pump in Your Hydroponic Garden?

I have heard of many indoor gardeners plagued with broken air pumps. Don’t blame the malfunction on a poorly built product, blame it on a poorly trained user.

Sustainable Rose Gardening

All rose growers should be conscious of the impact pesticides can have on our roses, but did you know that many organic solutions are actually more harmful to the environment than chemical pesticides? Americans continue to love their roses but many now want to grow them in an environmentally responsible manner; thus, the changing attitude towards sustainable rose gardening. By sustainable, we mean managing our rose gardens with minimal effects on the environment.

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