Hemp Bedding in a Worm Bin – Initial Setup! 06/09/2022

Hemp Bedding in a Worm Bin - Initial Setup! 06/09/2022

Onion Growing Tips For Home Gardeners

Onions are a great addition to the home garden. They’re not hard to grow, and these onion growing tips will help you harvest a successful crop. Onions like well-worked and well-drained soil, with plenty of compost dug in. Make sure there is plenty of sun, too. Keep the weeds down, and bigger bulbs will grow.

Getting Gardens Ready For Spring

This being the last month of Winter with Spring just around the corner, its a great time to get your garden ready for Spring planting if you have not already done so. Gardens will soon awaken from their Winter slumber and will begin their growing frenzy. Looking around Melbourne I see many trees are already active with showy flowering plums and cherries beginning with a burst of early bloom. However there is still time to bring your garden up to date and following below is a brief list of tips and advice for the last month of Winter.

The Best Hydroponics System – Aeroponics

Aeroponics is a revolutionary development in the world of hydroponics. This type of hydroponic system has become more and more popular as growers have realized the huge potential benefits of using an aeroponic system. These systems use no growing medium and offer the highest performance possible.

Four Factors to Maintain Humidity For the Orchid Plant

Orchids need A Humid Environment to survive. In order to maintain the right Humidity for the Orchid, you have to control the vital 4 factors to make your plant healthy, blooming and beautiful.

Growing Rhubarb – The Easy Way

All rhubarb varieties have a deep root system and prefer to grow in free draining, fertile soil, and in partial shade. Before planting your rhubarb dig over the soil and remove any stones you find, also add as much organic matter as possible. Rhubarb are a hungry plant.

Orchid Types – Know Your Orchids!

With over 25,000 species of orchids it’s hard to know what to start with. This article will teach you the basic types of orchids.

3 Ways to Meet Your Orchid Light Requirements

There are many ways to meet your orchid lighting requirement and have it blooming in the fastest time possible. As with all things, careful attention to the specific strategies and techniques one must know and apply will be an added advantage.

Four Orchid Propagation Methods You Should Know About

Orchids come in a huge variety of sizes and species, and they are found in many regions of the world. They can be both indoor and outdoor plants. Because they are so popular, people practice different ways on how to reproduce them. Orchid propagation is a technique used to grow orchids.

Rhubarb Varieties

It’s possible to grow rhubarb from seed, but the downside is that it’s quite difficult to grow from seed. That’s why the majority of people buy a rhubarb plant. So much easier and you get to eat it quicker.

Drip Systems – 5 Problems No Indoor Gardener Should Overlook

The difference between a good garden and a bad garden is the gardener. Cut down on the number of bad gardens in your neighborhood by avoiding common drip system problems that kill crops.

Growing Deciduous Plants at Home

Growing deciduous trees and plants in your home not only serve as good healthy exercises but will actually enhance the natural beauty of a home. With deciduous trees that shed their leaves once a year, having some in your garden is adds to its attraction. Other deciduous plants and shrubs will also complement your home exterior and landscaping plans. Here are a few useful tips for planting deciduous trees and plants in your home.

Orchids Repotting – Basic Issues and Procedures

Orchids should not be kept in cramped conditions for to long or their growth may be stunted or they may develop yellowish leaves. These are indications that the Orchids may need to be re-potted.

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