Perlite – A Soil Amendment To Improve Clay Soil In Your Garden

Horticulture perlite has served the professional grower for many years, and is becoming more commonly used to help the home gardener solve a variety of common problems with their garden soil. It has the ability of promoting drainage and aeration in heavy clay soils, horticulture perlite also provides optimum moisture retention for successful plant growth.

Growing Parsley In Your Organic Garden

Parsley is a highly nutritious and is one of the most popular herbs grown in the home herb garden. Parsley is rich in vitamins, mainly vitamins A and C. It is best when fresh, but can be dried or frozen.

Tips On Planting Poppy Seeds – Growing Poppies

Start thinking about adding poppy seeds to your garden want list. Poppies are wonderful specimens for any garden. They are carefree plants that produce seeds for sowing in the future, so once started you may never need to buy seeds again. Poppy seeds are available in both the annual and perennial varieties, tall or short, and produce blooms, large or small in just about any color that you could possibly want. Here are some important planting tips to ensure that your poppy seeds get off to a great start.

Preventing Soil Erosion in Your Garden

Soil erosion is a destructive factor that could effect the quality of a soil structure, and without out even knowing it. Erosion will strip a soil of valuable nutrients, needed for plant life to thrive. Taking the steps to save your garden from losing the essential nutrients that plant life need to survive will greatly benefit the productivity of the crops you are growing.

Stephanotis or Madagascar Jasmine

The Madagascar Jasmine is a stunning climber in every way. Its name Stephanotis Floribunda gives a hint of the many flowers it produces, but you have to really smell the beautiful perfume to enjoy this plant. The other name for it is the wax flower, and indeed the flowers have a waxy delicate appearance. This plant adds something special to the garden or container in which it is planted.

The Most Popular Flowers

All flowers are popular in their own right depending on the use they’re intended for. No flower is left neglected especially when you’re making a flower arrangement. They’re all used in all aspect of the arrangement you intend to do based on the occasion the flowers are used.

Silk Bamboo Tree – Get The Tropical Look With Great Flexibility

A good and low maintenance alternative to regular bamboo is a Silk Bamboo Tree. One of the first thing to take into consideration before deciding to buy yourself a bamboo plant is the amount of care you can give it. And if your schedule does not allow you to provide sufficient care, then such trees are an ideal solution for you.

Good Reason To Grow Your Own Vegetables This Year

Growing your own vegetables is a terrific way to insure that you are eating healthy and that you are feeding your family nutritious safe food. The taste of home grown vegetables is also a very compelling reason to start a vegetable patch.

Microbiological Activity In Soil

Most soil around a yard has been disturbed during the homes construction phase, and have undergone major changes. The mixing of soil layers, erosion, and the loss of organic matter all can degrade the quality of a soil, along with having declining affects on soil productivity.

March Kicks Off Spring Growing Season

March is the unofficial kick-off to spring gardening. For gardeners, it means much soil preparation, planting and fertilizing.

Tomatoes Need Space And Good Neighbors

Tomatoes are sturdy plants and can grow even in small spaces, but it will affect their size and quality. If you want good-sized tomatoes of heavenly quality, you have to provide sufficient space for the roots and branches.

Organic Tomatoes Are Heavy Feeders

The tomato plant is considered a heavy feeder, meaning they need a lot of nutrients. It needs a great deal of rich nutrients to produce high quality fruits in adequate quantity. The right fertilizer for the tomato plant should contain phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium in the right proportion.

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