How I Keep Animals Out of My Worm Bin + Worm Time Lapse | Vermicompost Worm Farm

How I Keep Animals Out of My Worm Bin + Worm Time Lapse | Vermicompost Worm Farm

Mandatory Use Of Orchid Lights For Their Indoor Growth

Indoor orchid growing requires important guidelines that have to be adhered to in the strictest terms. Certain conditions are vital for their continued growth and survival. Apart from nutrients, water and soil, favorable lighting conditions have to be put into place. A point to mention here would be to grow plants that naturally mingle with prevalent indoor lighting conditions.

September – A New Garden Cycle Begins

September is the start of a new garden cycle. Cool season crops such as radishes, spinach, and lettuce can be planted with harvest in as little as 25 days.

The Right Way To Water Orchids

Most orchid growers are confused about the quantum and periodicity of watering their plants. Indeed, this very important issue has not been adhered to properly in almost ninety percent of home gardening cases. A misconception here is that people feel that since the plants per se love moisture and grow in tropical and subtropical environs, they should be watered profusely.

What To Consider When Buying Orchid Pots

Knowing the suitable orchid pots to be used for growing orchids is one of the most necessary parts of orchid care. This provides the plants with comfort and satisfaction which allows them to grow healthy. Checking shops, there are several types of pots that gardeners can choose from and purchase.

The Essentiality of Porous Orchid Pots

You have seen others growing lovely orchids so shouldn’t you? In all probability, the plant you purchased came with a pot not meant for orchid growing. This will not last at all. You will have to pot it right in an appropriate pot meant for the purpose.

Interesting Orchid Background Information

It’s not uncommon for the average home gardener to develop a fascination with orchids. It’s been happening for centuries! These special plants are often so exotic in appearance and sensuous in scent that once we’ve purchased or been given our first orchid, we’re hooked.

Fabulous Insights Into Authentic Orchid Propagation

Propagating orchids is definitely worthwhile. These are lovely plants and the more you regenerate them the more the beautiful aura. Generally speaking, these plants grow at a snail’s pace. So, one has to wait patiently to fully observe their excellent blooming capabilities. These plants are hardy and resilient. They can acclimatize themselves to every kind of condition and environment.

Simple and Delicious Fresh Herb Gardening

The benefits of fresh herb gardening are simply mind boggling. For beginners, you’ll soon relish the remarkable taste of fresh herbs picked straight from the plant, far more flavorful than those found in supermarkets. You’ll also be saving a decent amount of money and time since you won’t have to go to the stores for your herbs. Yet another notable benefit of fresh herb gardening is the opportunity it provides for getting close to nature and giving you the perfect chance to get some exercise if you’ll be cultivating a larger garden.

Why Organic Gardening Is Good For You

Organic vegetable gardening trend is on the rise recently. Why is that so? What benefits does organic gardening have and why should you opt for growing your vegetable organically instead of the traditional methods?

Garden Sensations – Unique Way to Allow Your Kids to Experience Nature by Creating Sensory Gardens

As small children, we all learnt best by exploring things by touching and feeling them. So it goes without saying that your kids will learn to appreciate nature by getting hands-on.

Turn Your Backyard Into Your Own Private Farmers’ Market

With more information available about the harmful effects of overly processed foods and the growing concerns about the number of miles fresh fruits and vegetables must travel to reach the grocery stores, more families are opting to start their own vegetable garden. It doesn’t matter if you live in a small apartment or don’t know if you could deal with the extra work with the large acreage of your log home floor plan built home.

What Type of Material for a Greenhouse?

There are three main types of glazing for a greenhouse. Two of them are plastic and the other is familiar and dependable glass. The type of glazing you choose depends on several factors. One of those factors is the size of the greenhouse and your growing operation.

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