Small Greenhouse Apartment Gardens

Greenhouses and gardens are an excellent way to harvest your own vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Unfortunately, some people do not have the amount of space to afford a large greenhouse, or garden.

Worm Castings: A Worm By-Product

Compost worms are not only valuable in terms of profit-making. They are also useful when it comes to providing gardens and farms a richer and more natural source of compost. This is what you call worm castings. Worm castings (also known as worm poop, manure or humus) can be described as an organic worm by-product.

Watering Tomatoes – How Important Is It?

Growing tomatoes can be a great hobby and good source of income as well. If you look around you, you’ll see that almost every food that you see has a component of tomato in it. It is almost as if tomatoes were bent on ruling the world. Have you seen that comedy flick, “Attack of the killer tomatoes?” If yes, then you will know what I mean.

Lawn Care Tips to Consider

It would be nice if all you had to do was sprinkle lawn seed down and a beautiful lawn would appear. Unfortunately there is some planning that comes with having the lawn of your dreams. You must take into consideration your climate, your personality, you flower choices etc…If you take the time to do this it will be well worth it in the end.

Growing Organic Asparagus

Asparagus historically was classified a member of the lily family, along with onions and garlic. It now has its own family classification. If you’re concerned about your health, growing asparagus is a great low-calorie source of foliate and potassium. Read all about how to grow organic asparagus in this article.

Compost Usage Is Excellent Way to Improve Gardening Skills

Following on in our articles gardening tips for beginners we now look at “MAKING YOUR OWN FERTILIZER AND MULCH” Another option if you want great natural, organic fertilizer and mulch for your garden is to make it yourself. There are lots of different websites, books, manuals, and forums where you can learn a lot of different methods for making your own organic fertilizer and mulch.

How To Grow Orchids Using Artificial Lights

Most orchids thrive in a tropical landscape, which means light is essential for them. This light is not necessarily pure sunlight. It could also mean artificial orchid lights. You have to make sure that they receive sufficient amounts of light in order to grow.

Why Use Supplemental Lighting for Indoor or Greenhouse Gardening?

Did you know that with supplemental lighting you are able to garden year round, inside or outside? Or, you may just want to supplement the natural light that you have on short winter days, or in a greenhouse in a not so perfect location. Besides extending the growing season, using supplemental greenhouse lighting will significantly increase the health, strength, growth rate and yield of your plants.

DriWater Gel Packs

DriWater gel packs are without a doubt one of the latest and greatest innovations in the area of gardening, particularly because they work by taking advantage of the food grade ingredients in soil. DriWater gel will convert to moisture, thereby watering the plant’s roots. In other words, what you have is controlled release of water, which in any case is an amazing development in the botany area.

Grow Lamps for Plants

When it comes to grow lamps for plants, there are quite a few types to choose from. The one that you decide on should work well with your needs. It is best that you learn a bit about each form of lighting so that you will know which grow lamps will be most effective for your plants.

An Effective Way of Getting Rid of Crabgrass

Crabgrass can become a big problem very quickly in sunny Florida due to the hot sunny weather. Before crabgrass is killed off it has the ability to spread thousands of seed ready to start spreading in the spring. With the correct measures you can control this pesky weed and keep it at bay.

Organic Lawn Care for a Luxuriant Green Lawn

We have an option for organic everything these days and lawns are no different. There are a variety of different organic lawn care products to choose from. Once on this lawn plan you will notice a much greener lawn that you can feel good about but you also get to feel good that your not harming the earth.

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