How To Add A New Inoculated Worm Tray To A Worm Tower | VermiHut Vermicompost Worm Farm

Gardening – How to Start Your Garden From Seeds

Have you ever wondered how to grow your own flowers from seeds? Read about sowing seeds and growing your own bedding plants instead of buying expensive plants. It’s easy!

Orchid Health Problems – Three Sources Of Attack

The three main threats to your orchids health are discussed. Orchid pests and diseases need not be a major problem. Observing your plants closely is crucial.

Five Easy Tips for Making Organic Compost

Five clever ways to make compost for your organic garden if you don’t have kitchen waste to hand. New easy to make formulations for the sustainable garden.

Guidelines on Caring For Orchids in a Greenhouse

Guidelines on Caring for Orchids in a Greenhouse covers the three types of greenhouse growing conditions. Also included are details on specific orchid species that would thrive in these greenhouse environments.

Compost Tea – A Free Plant Food for Your Organic Garden

How to repel garden pests and diseases in a sustainable garden by making compost tea. But it must be done precisely this way!

How to Grow a Magnolia

Magnolia can be a source of amusement and fun. Since it is advisable to grow it in spring, where everything is in good bloom, magnolia tree can create a very healthy environment when in blossom in early spring as well. It is made to be one of the most popular trees in the United States.

How to Care for Fig Bonsai

There is literally thousands of ficus varieties, so it would take more than just one page to cover them all, but in general when it comes to fig bonsai the care is usually similar for all varieties. From what I have discovered so far figs in general make great bonsai because of there natural tendency to be very forgiving when it comes to care so this makes growing fig bonsai easy.

Cut Flowers Miracles

Preserving flowers, especially roses, is hard. Not all person knows how to preserve flowers. This article provides you the secret juice on how to make flowers last for about a week or more.

How To Aerate Your Lawn, and What Is the Best Lawn Aeration Equipment to Use for Your Property

Soils with a high percentage of clay become very hard and compacted. Also, sports and playing fields become compacted and worn out with intense regular use (high traffic). This makes it difficult for water, fertilizer, air and grass roots to penetrate into the soil.

Orchid Problems

Usually, orchids are no harder to grow than African violets, and many indoor gardeners have been able to enjoy these exotic plants without trouble. However, as with any other kind of plant, orchids can be plagued with a number of different problems. Learning to recognize these problems quickly so they can be remedied fast will assure that the orchid will provide beauty and pleasure for years.

Tips For Buying Fresh Flowers

Flowers are a great way to show someone the appreciation of your friendship and make them know how much they mean to you. They can be used as decorations or a form of gift for a loved one, friend, relative or spouse. Flowers are normally given out on special occasions such as birthday, valentine, wedding, when visiting someone in hospital or comforting a loved one. Flowers come in different shapes, colors, types and scents. It is therefore important to know the best tips that can guide you when purchasing fresh flowers…

Say It Better With Flowers

Sometimes it is better to pass that special message to a loved one using flowers. Flowers have attached meaning and they are friendly in nature. There are various types of flowers that you can choose form in the market. There are fresh flowers, silk and natural or artificial flowers. There are meanings that are attached to various types of flowers, colors and arrangement…

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