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Backyard Aquaponics

Backyard aquaponics is rapidly becoming the “in thing” for thousands of health conscious, ecologically aware folk who want to do something to help protect the environment. It is the simplest way to produce delicious vegetables, fruits, and low-fat, high-protein fish, in a totally healthy environment. This article considers why aquaponics has become so popular.

Stachys Byzantina – Growing Lambs Ears

In the summer months one of my favourite plants to enjoy is Stachys byzantina, otherwise known as ‘Lambs Ears’. This wonderful silver leafed plant is fantastic throughout the year for the border due to is highly touchable and furry leaves in the shape of, you’ve guessed it, lambs ears. However, as the summer sun reaches high into the sky you’ll find that this wonderful plant puts furry columns into the air with small pinkish flowers creating small rings of colour around the stems.

Managing Gall Wasp in Citrus, Especially Lemon Trees

This articles explains the life-cycle of this annoying pest, the gall wasp. It mainly attracts lemon and orange trees. It gives several Integrated Pest Management methods to control it as there are no chemical sprays.

Enjoying the Vegetable Bounty From Your Home Garden

There are no fresher vegetables than the ones you grow in your home garden. With a little bit of patience and and a desire to learn a vegetable garden can be something the entire family can enjoy from planting seeds to enjoying home cooked dishes.

The Art of Crop Rotation

It is a proven fact that one type of vegetable cannot be grown in the same field or garden bed year in year out. This is because specific plants suck certain nutrients out of the soil. If you don’t rotate crops, you will find that the soil will deteriorate rapidly in terms of both structure and the nutrients contained in it. However by rotating crops, and growing particular vegetables after others, you will economize on the resources in the soil, and add to them.

Urban Garden Design

Living in a city presents a number of difficulties when you want to have a garden. Small spaces, concrete slabs and busy lifestyles all make gardening a challenge. However, having an urban garden is possible when you have a clear idea in mind about what you want and what you need to do.

Heirloom Seeds – Are They Really Worth It?

There was a time not too long ago when consumers had access to a greater variety of produce than they do today. Many people grew their own fruits and vegetables in home gardens until about around 1950. Family farms were individually owned and operated and many different types of crops were raised. For the most part, the seeds used were heirloom seeds. The seed source was an open pollinated plant and it could be expected to develop into a plant that was identical to the parent. After World War II, hybrid seeds and the consolidation of farmland revolutionized the American agriculture industry. Now there are even bio-engineered seeds being used to grow various crops.

Orchid Growers: Mistakes Made In The Garden

Nobody’s perfect, especially in gardening. Beginner and expert growers alike experience certain mistakes or blunders that can sometimes lead to the death of their plants. But there are certain mistakes that can be avoided if we just do our research well.

History of Tomatoes – Myths and Mysteries Behind the History of Tomatoes, Part III

As we follow the history of tomatoes, we find that our not so humble tomato has traversed the globe once again. Making its way back to North America in the belongings of the first European Immigrates. The tomato had endured folklore and myths, Black Magic, witches, and werewolves but still succeeded in its voyage back to the New World. What events would lay before it in America?

History of Tomatoes – Myths and Mysteries Behind the History of Tomatoes, Part II

By tracing the history of tomatoes, we can follow its journey from the high Andes Mountains to the Yucatan region of Central America and follow its voyage accompanied by the Spanish Conquistadors across the Atlantic Ocean to the Old World. After traversing the Atlantic Ocean, the tomato spread throughout the Caribbean colonies and the Philippines extending over the entire continent of Asia.

History of Tomatoes – Myths and Mysteries Behind the History of Tomatoes, Part I

History of tomatoes – What are the origins of the ordinary tomato? Where did the common tomato we all cherish originate? What do we actually know about their simple beginnings? Were they genuinely considered being toxic or were they esteemed like an an aphrodisiac? From their marginal beginnings tomatoes certainly have a fascinating history.

How to Make and Maintain Wooden Planter Boxes

Make your own attractive wooden planters following these simple guidelines and maintenance tips. Dress up your patio or add a unique touch to your garden today.

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