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The Best Way to Prune Your Hibiscus Plant For the Best Quality Blooms

The hibiscus is a beautiful garden plant. Like many plants, in order to maximize its flowering and keep it healthy you need to prune it. Learn how and when to prune your hibiscus plant to ensure it produces the most beautiful flowers for you to enjoy.

Information on the Princeton Elm

The American Princeton Elm is a piece of history. This tree not only lasts for years, but it also has been used in many different historical settings all over the United States.

Care Tips For Lasting Flower Arrangements

There are several care tips for lasting flower arrangements to ensure that your flowers stay beautiful as long as possible. It is always lovely to receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers but disappointing when the start to droop only a day or two later. These tips are very easy to use and will take a very short amount of time.

How to Prune Your Miniature Roses So They Produce Beautiful Flowers Every Year For You

Miniature roses are lovely plants to have and can fill your garden with beautifully colored flowers. In order to keep them healthy and flowering at their best, you need to regularly prune them. Learn how to prune your miniature roses and when is the best time of year to do this.

When is the Best Time For Transplanting Roses?

It should be noted as well that if you transplant or uproot the roses in fall, then timing will be crucial since the weather especially in the areas of Tri-state is very unpredictable and erratic. Best time for transplanting is during the days where the soil is still reasonably warm, reason so that these freshly removed bushes will be able to restore and re-establish itself even before the arrival of cold winter.

Worm Farming – 3 Important Tips For Successful Farming of Worms

When you get your first “parent worms” you need to set up a hatchery. Worms breed best in warm and dark conditions. So get some smaller plastic containers – with lids! – and put about 50 in each tub, and 10cm of soil, with the lid loosely fitted. Make sure air can get in, but that the worms can’t get out.

How to Repot Orchids Without Damaging Them

Repotting orchids is not difficult. However, if you skip this important step you just might have destroyed your valuable plants. Don’t risk losing your plants. Do it the right way and you will have strong healthy orchids that produce many beautiful blooms.

Protecting Yourself While Gardening

For some people who do not gardening they just can not understand the joy of it all. But, there is truly something wonderful about gardening. It is just great to feel the heat of the sun on you and to feel your hands in the cool damp grass and dirt.

Create a Peaceful Retreat With Resin Garden Statues

If you want to add an impression of elegance to your garden, no matter what the size try using resin garden statues. Anyone that views your garden will only compliment your choice when placed in amongst the flower beds or as a stand alone piece. You will find resin garden statues to fit any kind of landscaping design style.

An Overview of Popular Orchid Types

Learn some interesting facts about the most popular types of orchids. This article also provides a comprehensive list of orchid types for additional research.

Organic in the Garden – 5 Ingredients to Make Your Own Quality Potting Mixture

Commercially made potting mixtures are relatively cheap these days. They contain a unique blend of materials for holding plant roots and carry nutrients the plant needs for growth and sustenance. The downside is they often rely on inorganic materials and synthetic fertilisers…

Top 4 Guidelines For Growing Orchids at Home

Get valuable information about growing orchids at home. This article explains some guidelines you need to follow to properly grow and care for your orchids.

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