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Homemade Greenhouses

More and more people are concerned with the rising cost of fresh food. Not to mention the quality of the food. Who wants to eat fresh vegetables full of pesticides and chemicals?

The Most Extensively Grown Northern Blueberry Varieties and Other Popular Northern Varieties

The most widely grown northern blueberry varieties that are grown in North America are discussed. Blueberries are the most widely grown fruit crop in the U.S. The most widely grown northern blueberry varieties for each of the three seasons are presented.

Organic Gardening

If you are gardening in an organic way, you want to let nature going its own way. In stead of using chemical fertilizers you will use natural products to get rid of weed. This will give you 100% natural vegetables and fruit.

How to Plant a Water Garden

As with any other form of gardening, water gardening needs the correct growing conditions. It is important to have the proper soil, a great location, as well as good quality plants. However there are things to consider for water gardens that are different from conventional gardens.

Planning When to Start Your Seeds for Your Apartment Garden

This is the time of year I have to exercise the greatest self control. I’ve been reading through gardening catalogs, looking through my seed supply and planning what to grow, seeing visions of my beautiful garden. It takes everything I have to not start my seeds too early. Here’s how I figure out when to start:

Tomato Growing Guide – Simple Tips in Growing Tomatoes in Your Backyard

If you love gardening, you may be thinking of the best plants to grow in your garden or in your backyard. In fact, even if you only have very limited space you can still be able to grow your favorite vegetables and fruits in containers. Tomatoes are among the easy plants to grow around the house even if you are living in the middle of the city.

Composting Basics

Most of us think nothing of putting all our trash into a bag, and setting it out on the curb. With the obvious exception of recycling, very few of us have ever thought about doing more than that by way of separating our trash. However, if you live in an area where you have to pay for your rubbish removal, chances are pretty good that you’re already a maverick at composting.

The Floribunda Rose – An Overview

The article describes the characteristic of the Floribunda Rose. It discusses its history, breeding, and physical characteristics.

Gardening Tools – What To Buy, How To Choose?

Gardening is made easy if you have the right kind of tools. There are many gardening tools available – some are must-have while some are nice-to-have. Get more information on the type of gardening tools that you should buy and tips on how to select the tools in this article.

The Ebb and Flow Method in Gardening

Just make sure that your plants are growing faster and they are getting the required nutrients. To ensure proper nutrients just use Ebb and Flow method.

Choosing a Pot for a Bonsai Tree

This article will explain in detail the options for potting with Bonsai trees. Various different containers and the stages in which they will be used and how is discussed. Also, recommended potting cycles are covered; the best pots and containers are explained…

Grow Potted Amaryllis and Other Bulbs for Winter Indoor Beauty

Blooming indoor bulbs are a striking vision on a cold winter’s day. It is frosty outside. The sky is gloomy and dreary. Fluffy, white snow is beginning to noiselessly fall to the ground. However, in our world spring is near. Bring those blooming plants indoors for winter color!

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