How To Retain Moisture In A Worm Bin | Vermicompost Worm Farm

How To Retain Moisture In A Worm Bin | Vermicompost Worm Farm

Quick Tips to Caring For Orchids in Summer

With the summer comes the high temperatures and humidity. Caring for orchids in the summertime will require some changes to your regular orchid care routine. Following these tips to ensure healthy, thriving orchids during the summer.

Watering Tomato Plants – 3 Do’s and 5 Don’ts

Setting up a new tomato garden? This article deals with watering and in particular 5 bad watering practices to avoid and 3 vital tips that will significantly improve your tomato garden.

Grow a Mint Garden For Scent and Use

Mint is quite the versatile herb. It comes in dozens of varieties, from the well known peppermint and spearmint to the exotic flowering alpine mint bush to the unusual chocolate mint. You can use it in cooking, for jellies, seasoning or teas. You can use it for skin care and treatment of indigestion. Fresh mint rubbed between the fingers smells heavenly!

Children’s Worm Farm – Tips on How to Set it Up

Having children is probably the greatest things in the world. If you are a mother or father you no doubt know that they pretty much like the grossest most disgusting things ever. Most children have a fascination with worms for some reason and usually like to play with them. If your kid likes watching or playing with worms one thing you could do with them is start up a children’s worm farm.

How To Keep Indoor And Outdoor Plants Healthy

There are various benefits of having plants in your garden and home. Besides, it supplies a good amount of oxygen in home and brightens the mood of people in the house. It gives an additional color and fresh touch to the environment.

What You Need to Know About Orchids

Orchids are indoor plants that can grow on both tropical and cool conditions. They have numerous species and hybrids including Cattleyas and Phalaenopsis. They can be easily cultivated as long as proper care is provided.

Caring For Orchids – My Top 5 Tips For Beautiful Blooms

Caring for orchids can be quite simple so long as you follow some simple guidelines, do a little research and know which orchid species you have. Different orchid species require different care. There are general guidelines for nearly all orchids that you should follow. Here are my top 5.

Good Method For Ripening Green Tomatoes

More often, some of the green tomatoes will not be able to ripen before the first frost. And you may pick them off the vine and ripen them in a box. However, this may take you a lot of time

Ways to Take Care of Your Orchids

Orchids have thousands of varieties and each requires proper care. This house plant needs to be planted on areas that receive both sunlight and shade since a lot of its species thrive well on tropical climates. Every orchid variety bears flowers with varying life span.

Tips on Ripening the Tomatoes

More often, the tomatoes are picked when they are green and then ripened with some special methods. This article will share with you some tips for you to ripen the green tomatoes.

Your Guide to Choosing the Right Orchid Pots

Read about the right orchid pots to choose for your plants. Find out what makes each pot different and how these pots would be able to make your orchids thrive.

Caring for Orchids – Protect Them From Pests!

Caring for orchids is a very fulfilling venture. Learn how to care for them by protecting them from pests in this article.

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