Hunting For Red Wigglers In Finished Worm Castings | How Many Worms Did I Find? | Vermicomposting

Hunting For Red Wigglers In Finished Worm Castings | How Many Worms Did I Find? | Vermicomposting

Growing Healthy Tomato Plants: Care and Feeding

Tips to caring for tomato plants revealed! What is the proper way to water a tomato plant? How often should I be watering? Do I have to prune my plants? These questions are common to new tomato gardeners and I’ll give simple information to answer these and other questions regarding caring for your tomato garden, and growing healthy plants.

Applying Orchid Fertilizer Safely and Easily

Applying a good quality orchid fertilizer can certainly be a great benefit to your orchids but sometimes it is able to destroy them altogether, actually triggering their deaths. Orchid flowers can be hugely reactive to fertilizer if used in the wrong quantities, special care has to be undertaken so that you can reduce any kind of risk. Here are a few recommendations to successfully get anyone started on the right way of utilizing orchid plant foods, or fertilizers in general:

Best Method of Growing Creeping Plants: Follow These Tips for Maximum Foliage and Blooms

Creeping plants develop in a different way from other plant types. They grow out rather than up, scattering along the ground and growing root as they move. Countless varieties are available to go with different growing conditions.

The 8 Most Beautiful Flowers in the World!

There are many things you can do to adorn your yard, but one of the best ways to make this space truly appealing is to plant a wide variety of beautiful flowers. There are very few people in this world who do not like flowers, there are so many types, colors and species in and around the world that there is sure to be at least on to appeal to every age group, sex or personality. Beauty is objective, but here are the top ten most beautiful flowers in the world.

Greenhouse Lighting – 5 Factors to Consider

Greenhouses are built for one specific reason, to grow plants. The design is to suit the needs of the plant lover. It is a world onto itself where the gardening enthusiast can find the peace and quiet and joy of year round gardening. Even though the design of a greenhouse is to create the best possible environment for any kind of plant to grow, there are still many instances where artificial equipment is required and a good lighting system may be one of them.

Greenhouse Watering Also Known As Greenhouse Misting

Many factors lend themselves to the overall development of your plant life within the greenhouse environment. Factors like heating, humidity, ventilating system, location for shade, and air circulation are some of the more important. To maintain a comfortable environment for your plants controlling the humidity will be of utmost importance.

The Major Elements Required By Anthurium Plants

In addition to oxygen, carbon and hydrogen, anthurium flowers like practically all other varieties of plants demand thirteen elements to live. A lot of these elements are only essential in trace amounts, but there are half a dozen elements that are required in greater portions and hence are deemed macro nutrients.

No-Till Vegetable Gardening

Cutting back on tilling in your own backyard garden is a great way to ensure that your vegetables come from a more sustainable operation, and also that you have healthy, vigorous vegetables growing in the garden. You won’t have to add as much compost or fertilizers, as your garden will maintain it’s healthy tilth as a result of not being till quite as often.

Boxwoods Provide the Perfect Understated Structure in the Garden

Boxwoods are wonderful broadleaf evergreen shade shrubs that define the garden space. No, they are not the sexy, showy plants that get a lot of attention. But they provide the structure, and dare I say the formality, of a garden throughout the year.

Herb Growing Information And Secrets

Have you ever wandered what the difference is between spices and herbs? Spices are flavorings and herbs are leaves of plants. Cinnamon comes from the bark of a tree and ginger comes from a root.

Orchid Longevity Secrets Revealed

Orchids are considered one of the oldest living species of plants in the world. They have been around since the time of dinosaurs and can virtually be found anywhere on earth. In fact they are considered one of the most successful plant groups in the world. And the secret to this success has been found!

10 Top Garden Accessories

Are you looking for a way to draw interest to your garden? Are you ready to make your garden the one that everyone notices in your neighborhood? While you are planning your garden or just looking to freshen things up, give some thought to garden accessories.

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