I Will Do Your Worm Experiment

I Will Do Your Worm Experiment

Benefits to Leaf Mulching

So what is Leaf Mulching exactly? Well, it is of course, a natural material that is made up of leaves. It is something that you use to put on top of your soil, to help cover it. And since leaves are always made available to you, mulching leaves is an inexpensive way to supplementing your gardening needs all year round. So it basically helps improve the soils condition, as it enhances the root growth, and more.

Creating Your Own Family Garden

Creating your own family garden would allow you to have your own little paradise within your property. This garden can be used as a place to unwind after a tiring day or can be used as a gathering place for you and your loved ones.

How Winter Bedding Can Brighten Up Your Garden

Winter bedding plants are now available in the shops. Buy them and fill your garden with colour this winter!

Composting in the Kitchen

If you can’t do any composting outdoors, then you can always do your composting in the kitchen, let alone under your sink! So whether you’re living in an apartment or have no backyard to call your own, then you can always choose to compost your organic wastes inside your home. You can also have the option of using red wiggler worms or go without any. But either way, any type of composting will always deliver the good kind of stuff.

How to Use Indoor Lighting While Growing Orchids

Many of us want to grow orchids like a professional and one of the best ways to do that is with the use of indoor lighting. These artificial lights will provide the optimum environment for your orchids while growing them in your home. Knowing how to use an artificial light will be beneficial to your orchid’s success.

Herbs You Can Grow at Home

You do not have to be a horticulturist to successfully grow your own herb garden. Herbs for growing are simple to do from home and you do not even need a large garden area in order to do so. With a few pieces of equipment and a little know-how, you can start growing your own sustainable herb garden at home.

Syringa – Triumph at Growing Lilac

Syringa, more widely known as the Lilac, is a much-loved garden plant and cut flower for the home. Plants can grow large if left to grow naturally but they also take well to annual pruning to make them more manageable. Lilacs produce green heart shaped leaves, which are followed by its flowers that are highly scented.

Loving Orchids

Is your garden full of blooming orchids? If yes, then you are a quick learner and have got it right. If you are making a mistake somewhere in growing and caring for your orchids, then the flower quality will not be good and will show up in a poor looking flower bed.

Choosing the Best Pots for Orchids

There are three main groups of pots for orchids. Each has its own characteristics which have to be considered when planting your orchid. Some pots have better drainage but require more frequent watering. Others allow for better air circulation around the roots. Determine what your orchid likes best before choosing the pot.

Phal Orchid – The Phalaenopsis Or Moth Orchid

The phalaenopsis or Moth Orchid is the most commonly grown orchid family. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns and is adaptable to a range of climatic conditions.

Get Your Birds Through Winter With These Tips

If you live in the northern half of the country your winter nights can get really cold. Imagine having to spend all day, every day out in that cold. That’s what the birds you have attracted to your yard have to do. It’s hard on them and this article will tell you a few things you can do to make their days a lot less stressful.

Living Off The Land

Back in the late 60’s and early 70’s there was lots of talk about homesteading and living off the land. Many people were learning homesteading skills and planning to move to the country to practice this lifestyle.

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