Introduction of my Tiny Worm Bin created during a county extension services vermicomposting class.

Are LED Grow Lights Better Than Fluorescent Lighting?

One of the biggest trends in indoor gardening is the use of LED grow lights. For people who grow plants indoors, these advanced lighting options offer a simple and effective way to maximize growth while cutting back on electricity usage and heat production. Because indoor gardening requires a highly controlled environment, using lighting sources that don’t influence heat, humidity, or light variation too much is a great benefit to any gardener. LED grow lights are a great way to cultivate plants indoors without all the extra maintenance effort.

Artificial Grass Installation: Ideal for the Time-Strapped Gardener

In today’s world, most of us live jam-packed lives and are continually wondering where the time went as yet another day draws to a close. With spare time at a premium, however much enthusiasm for gardening we have, the majority of us cannot afford to spend hours on end in the garden every evening and weekend. Thus we need a low maintenance garden, and that’s where artificial grass installation comes in.

Creating A Koi Fish Pond In Your Garden

Creating a koi fish pond in your garden is an ambitious project, but one that is not beyond the abilities of the amateur gardener. You will need to do some planning and probably recruit friends and neighbours to help with some parts of the creation, but in the end you will have a beautiful and unusual water feature in your garden.

How Can String Algae Grow And Be Removed?

The term String Algae was coined because this form of plant really does replicate that of string, made up from really fine strands which is why some filtration systems are unable to remove the pest. It can also be found in indoor aquariums of all sizes, generally more noticeable in larger ones.

Rain Barrel Use In Colorado – Did You Pay For That Drop Of Rainwater?

Collecting rain water for personal use has been a crime in Colorado since the early days of settlement in the West. If you gathered water in a rain barrel in essence you were stealing from the people down stream. But now there seems to be a slight twitch of an eye opening regarding this. Finally, some people in Colorado are able to use a rain barrel.

Organic Rose Growing Made Easy

Traditionally gardeners have grown roses by applying lots of pesticides and artificial fertilizers. However, it is possible to grow roses in a more environmentally friendly organic way. This article gives you some guidelines.

How to Choose the Right Garden Equipment

A look at the process of choosing garden equipment. Specifically this article highlights the importance of comfort, weight and quality whenever you buy new tools or equipment for gardening.

4 Tips for Pruning Tomatoes

Your tomato plant requires a good deal of quality pruning as it grows. Pruning tomatoes well helps to control excess dampness, as having less leaves allows lots of room for air to come in and keep the plant dry. This is the most important factor in fighting the various fungi and diseases which tomato plants can be susceptible to.

5 Easy to Grow Herbs That Make Great Recipes

If you are thinking about growing some herbs in your home garden but have no idea on what herbs to grow, start by researching on some easy to grow herbs which would do well in your area. There are a number of reasons for cultivating herbs, here are a few: 1) They save on grocery costs. 2) Herbs improve the appearance of your garden and landscape in general if well tended.

How to Deal With Tomato Plant Diseases

Tomato plants are very vulnerable to disease, most of which are fungi-based and almost impossible to get rid of once a plant has become infected. The best way to save your plants from tomato plant diseases is with adequate care and preventative measures. But here is how you can identify a disease and deal with it in the best possible way. Most diseases will cause spots or dark patches to appear on your plant leaves or on the fruit itself.

Growing The Orka Plant

Want a nice plant that grows flowers and edible parts? Then growing okra is for you!

Simple Tips to Care for Miniature Roses

Miniature roses can make wonderful additions to any garden. They are relatively hardy, but there are a few guidelines you need to follow to really ensure a happy mini rose. This article provides information on how to effectively care for your miniature roses, both indoors and outdoors.

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