Large Tomato Feeding to the European Night Crawlers: Forbidden Foods Update

Bark – Three Incredible Uses

There’s nothing quite so unassuming as bark chippings, however, they are the best friend of domestic gardeners and landscape gardeners across the country due to their versatility, cost effectiveness and labour saving attributes. There are three main areas in the gardening and landscaping sector in which bark makes a substantial contribution. The first of these is the use of bark for children’s playgrounds.

Dendrobium Orchids

Dendrobium orchids constitute a very interesting orchid species or genus due to their adaptability to different climate environments. In this article you will find some tips to grow your dendrobiums.

How Worm Tea Is Different From Worm Leachate

It’s important to know that worm tea (also known as vermicast tea) is different from what a worm leachate is. Vermicast tea is basically a mixture that has been brewed, aerated, and blended with molasses. This product then becomes the food source for the microbial life that is present in the brew.

Composting Worms 101: The Things That Can Go Wrong Inside the Bin

There are a lot of things that can go wrong inside your bin, that may cause for your composting worms to climb out of it. But if you know how to take care and maintain their bin (and of course your nightcrawlers and/or red worms as well) the right way, then you’ll know how to prevent possible bin problems, before things get really unpleasant.

Compost 101: Building a Compost Bin

Not only are red worms good when it comes to vermicomposting, they can also be used for so many other things. And not only will they make as good compost worms, they can also be used as live worm food for life forms such as fish, and a few birds, and amphibians. Other than that, these worms can be used a means to make money out of, as they can also be sold (along with their nutrient-rich castings) to commercial breeders, dealers, and fishermen.

Backyard Wildlife Habitats – Purple Martins

Here for your enjoyment is some history about Purple Martins. Expect to learn the truth about martins and mosquitoes. Before we start I want to give you some general information to help you understand what I am going to say about Purple Martins.

Making Your Garden A Personal Space

For centuries gardens have played a role in our lives some where ornamental some utilitarian such as food production. Some gardens where meant for meditating  or reflecting.

Old Time Gardens And What The Can Teach Us

If you look at the typical suburban garden now a days you will probably find a large yard of green grass with a couple of planting beds spread out here and there, maybe a tree or two but still a lot of green grass. There is not the type of garden you would expect to have seen a hundred years ago.

Orchid Planting 101: Orchid Growing Supplies

Before growing an orchid, it is normally best to initially take some time to check out particular guidelines and ideas. Even if there are tons of hints to choose from, each will incorporate one comparable tip.

Winter Seed Sowing

Spring has come and gone. Winter Solstice is upon us. Now is the perfect time to start planning our gardens for next year. Winter gardening is the “Fix It and Forget It” of the gardening world, with the exception of an occasional peek just to check on things. I will walk you step by step through the process I use and have had success with.

A Short Discussion About Basil

Basil has been grown for thousands of years and today it is a well loved and respected herb plant. That has not always been the case however because it use was actually discouraged by some cultures.

Minimizing Waste With a Compost Pile

When you eat a diet that consists mostly of fruits and vegetables there is unfortunately a moderate amount of food that is typically thrown away. Pieces like the ends of carrots, the cores of apples, and the peels on potatoes or celery can be useful if you know a few simple tricks.

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