Care For Roses Begins With Planting

The article describes that care for roses begins with planting. Discussed are the key factors that should be considered when planting rose bushes.

Earning My Green Thumbs: Gardening As a Learned Art

I can attest firsthand that green thumbs are born, not made. I had all the qualifications and knowledge, and yet, I can’t keep a peace lily alive for peat’s sake! (Peat, as in organic humor).

Vegetable Rotation Using Crop Rotation Chart Yields More Abundant Harvests

Long years of trial in organic gardens has shown vegetable rotation to have many benefits, many of which cannot be calculated. Learning a few basic principles may help you build your garden plan a little more carefully.

Gardening: Solution for Boredom

Gardening is not limited to those who have green thumbs. This worthwhile activity is for everyone to try and to experience. Gardening can be so much fun while giving you health benefits at the same time. You can start gardening on your flower box.

Homesteading Story

Before I ever heard of permaculture I wanted to create a self-sufficient life style in balance with nature and humanity, a permanent culture. This is Farmer Dave’s homesteading story which started out as a dream in suburbia and has become a reality in the mountains of Northern California. Live your dreams, plant the seeds of your future! What you don’t plant today, will not feed you tomorrow.

Tomato Growing – Heirloom Tomatoes

A look at Heirloom Tomatoes, what they are and why should you grow them. Remember, if they were good enough for your Grandpa then they must be good enough for you to grow.

A Bonsai Tree Makes a Great Gift

The horticultural realm is a daunting world. Choosing a plant as a gift can be an even dodgier proposition. Cut flowers are gorgeous, but temporary. Dish gardens are lovely; less so when they outgrow the dish. Hanging baskets are pretty – in the right conditions. And all houseplants are at the mercy of their owners.

Dress Up Your Windows With Custom Window Boxes and Window Planters

Isn’t it convenient to have your garden just outside the window of your kitchen? Why bother to go out when you can actually create your own loved garden where fresh vegetables can grow. Customized window boxes give you the benefit of growing your own plants while giving your windows a unique appeal to everyone.

Free Containers for Seed Starting in Your Apartment Container Garden

Growing a plant from a seed can be very exciting, especially when the plant first breaks through the soil to spread its leaves. It’s nearly as exciting as having a child, but costs less and requires less of a commitment! To grow and apartment container garden you need containers to start growing seeds in. Here are some free or very low cost containers.

Anyone Can Grow a Great Tomato!

Do you love the taste of tomatoes fresh from the garden but you just aren’t sure how to grow a tomato? Growing tomatoes is fun and rewarding! Just follow these simple tips to grow the perfect tomato in your garden.

Pansy: The Colour of Fantasy

Pansies are hybrid flowers commonly cultivated as garden flowers. They are derived from Viola species particularly Viola tricolor hybridized with other Viola species. The flowers are produced in wide range of colours including shades of yellow, gold, orange, purple, violet, red, white, and even black with large showy flowers with specific markings. Large number of bicloured flowers is also available. The plants are able to tolerate very low temperatures even during their blooming period. They perform well in sunny or semi-sunny days with well drained soils. They are generally biennials with a two year life cycle.

Gerbera Daisies – Happiness Is Flower Shaped

Fashions change, even with regard to flowers and in recent years the daisy has become far more popular in the form of the gerbera daisy. Silk or natural, these bright cheerful flowers crop up everywhere. This article describes the different types, the colors and how to use them.

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