Let’s Plant Some Herbs: Side by Side Growth Experiment Using Worm Castings

Grow You Own Spring Radish

Most of us have commonly seen and eaten radish but less is known about this plant. Actually, radish was cultivated in Egypt in 2780BC and is believed to have originated in Southern Asia. Initially there was one type of radish – the black radish.

A Review of the Black and Decker NPT318 Electric Pole Hedge Trimmer

If you’re struggling to control those ever-growing hedgerows, it might be time to get yourself a life-changing (yes, I don’t think that’s an exaggeration!) long reach hedge trimmer. And the one that beats most for value and quality is the Black and Decker NPT318 Electric Pole Hedge Trimmer.

Grafting, A Forgotten Art Form

Grafting is actually an ancient art. It is one of the oldest gardening practices. In China grafting has been performed for, who knows how long. Natural grafting has occurred always. Natural grafting happens when two branches come in close contact with one another…

The Information You Need to Grow The Best Grapes in Your First Vineyard

We all worry about how to grapes we can grow in our yard or vineyard. Here we present all the essential information to begin to grow grapes. All has been aimed at providing the best possible harvest of grapes.

Practical and Decorative Garden Hose Containers

A garden hose container placed by the house is great to store the hose between regular uses. Depending on the length of the hose you will need a container that will hold the hose appropriately. Keeping hoses in containers will keep them better organized when they are not being used and look good too.

Garden Hose Reel – Keep It Looking Neat All the Way

Garden hose reels are cylindrical spindles used to neatly store garden hoses and make them ready for use again. They are made out of different materials like plastic, metal, fiberglass or steel. You need them so that tubing can be protected from the elements, mostly the sun, which can make it dry and brittle.

All The Information You Need to Grow Grapes

A complete guide on how to grow grapes. It includes advice on choosing the correct grape to grow and how these should be planted. Selecting the right site analyzing the soil and the properties it should have. Trellis design and construction together with pruning are addressed. All elements are designed to maximise the harvest of grapes.

Flower Arrangement – Choosing the Right One

Flowers play a very important role when it comes to decorations during occasions like Christmas ornaments, wedding decorations and Valentine’s Day gifts. Here are some information on how to arrange a flower correctly.

Plant Your Very Own Garden From Seeds

If you decide to grow your own flowers, fruits or vegetables from seeds and you are a beginner, you should get some information about each different plant before you saw the seeds. Several seeds could be planted at any time of the year, however the vast majority can only be planted at specific times of the year. Particularly if you are planning to grow them outdoors.

Alternatives To A Turfgrass Lawn

The cost of keeping a perfect lawn is unbelievably staggering when you stop to consider everything involved. Why is it we choose to keep a large green carpet of grass around out yards certainly it is not for the sake of saving money.

8 Flowering Plants Ideal for Indoors

Selecting flowering plants for indoors needs your thorough investigation as to what are the basic requirements to grow flowers in your home to give the best possible result to succeed. In order not to waste your efforts in growing some indoor flowers, I have identified these indoor plants for your guidance.

Bill’s Number One

Ever have trouble with deer eating your trees and shrubs, squirrels and rabbits and other mammals eating things not meant for them or getting into your sheds and out buildings. A brother-in-law of mine sent me this antidote which works like magic. He calls it, “Bill’s Number One, referring to the scent of human male urine.

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