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The Benefits of Greenhouses

There are many benefits of owning a greenhouse. Here are the top ten reasons that our customers have shared with us.

Setting Up a Small Greenhouse

In all honesty, setting up a small greenhouse is not all that much different than setting up a large commercial greenhouse. It is just done on a smaller scale. I will let you know that the smaller the greenhouse, the harder it is to control the environment.

Sustainability – Aquaponic Gardening At Home

Sustainability is a major topic around the world due to increasing food demands, degradation of ecosystems, water conservation and the growing consumer interest to know where, or how their food is produced. Creating a sustainable garden for your everyday needs can be an enjoyable and very rewarding experience.

Organic Biological Farming of Blueberry Plants

Growing blueberry plants organically. Blueberries are well-suited to organic culture, and good markets exist for organically grown blueberries. One of the most important components of a good organic program is aerated compost tea. To return the soil to good health is the means to growing healthy flavorful blueberries.

Choosing a Location for Your Greenhouse

Not all of us have the perfect yard for greenhouse placement. Never fear, there are ways to overcome this. But first, let’s discuss what would be the optimal location.

Wild Flower Meadow Planting With Papaver Somniferum

For many people gardening is confined to strict borders and neatly cut flowerbeds. However, if you prefer a more natural setting you might like to set aside a patch of your garden as a wild flower meadow. These little natural inspired oases can look as stunning as any perfected ornamental border, and by including Papaver somniferum varieties you can ensure that your meadow has beautiful flowers for a little color.

Lexan Thermoclear Plus Softlite Polycarbonate

This material is an excellent choice for greenhouse glazing. It is available in Greca Corrugated or 8mm twinwall configurations. It has many qualities which are superior to standard clear polycarbonate.

Organic Gardening – A Good Healthy Soil Ecosystem Is Key

Healthy soil is the key component to an organic garden ecosystem. It is the foundation for plants to grow on, a habitat for a variety of insects, algae, and fungi, along with being a natural processing facility where organic matter is recycled back into the ecosystem.

Using Papaver Somniferum to Attract Wildlife

If you have been gardening for any length of time you’ll know the importance of wildlife. Creating a garden is essentially developing an entire ecosystem in your backyard, and by including as many creatures as possible you’ll actually see great rewards. An increase in birds will bring birdsong and a natural predator to snack on aphids, slugs and snails. Meanwhile, encouraging bees will help pollinate your plants and flowers whether you’re growing them for food or ornamental reasons.

A Quick Guide To Summer Gardening In The Desert

Learning to grow plants in the desert country can be both fun and rewarding. Finding the right combination of plants to make an interesting tableau. While it is admittedly a bit harder to raise plants in the arid desert states it is not impossible to create a work of art for your home.

How To Attain The Right pH Balance In Your Soil For Perfect Landscaping

If your lawn or plants are not doing as well as they should you should do a soil analysis. Soil should be tested each time you put in a new garden. A soil analysis is the proper foundation for any gardener who wants to get the most out of their effort.

5 Essential Tips For Growing Orchids Indoors

When caring for orchids there are five essential elements that one must take into consideration. Having some general overview of watering, temperature, light, humidity and fertilizing needs of orchids will help you take care of them a lot better.

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