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How to Grow Indoor Plants

Caring for indoor plants or houseplants during the winter months can be very relaxing hobby. Indoor plants will add color to your home interiors and improve improve the air you breathe.

All About Weed Trimmers

A weed trimmer is a kind of a tool which helps you to get rid of all types of weeds in your landscape in a very smooth and easy way. With the help of its advanced blades, it cuts off tall and stubborn weeds which mar the look by popping in and around the landscape. Lawn care and maintenance is a very tough task without a weed trimmer so it is very important to have one.

Keeping a Pest Free Greenhouse

Growing plants in a greenhouse gives you the opportunity to control the environment on a daily basis. Controlling the temperature, humidity and other climate conditions will help your plants thrive no matter what the conditions are outside. However, simply controlling the climate in which your plants grow is not enough; you must also make sure they remain pest free in order to assure their success.

Bokashi Compost Put To Use In The Yard

Once you’ve recycled your food scraps using a Bokashi composter you’ll be left with a decision of how to use the Bokashi pre-compost. In this article we outline how you can make full use of the pre-compost directly in your garden.

Health Benefits Of Natural Herbs

While the use of natural herbs to improve one’s health has recently enjoyed a surge in popularity, the health benefits of natural herbs has been known throughout the world since prehistoric times. Many people throughout history have used herbs as medicines. Ancient histories describe medicinal uses for many different herbs, and many of those same herbs are used today to treat the same ailments. Modern chemical drugs and medicine are based quite a bit on early herbal medicine practices, and many of our drugs have extracts or essences of plants as some of their key ingredients. While chemical drugs have overshadowed herbal medicines in the modern era, many people are beginning to see the health benefits of natural herbs, especially when applied to a holistic wellness approach.

Life in a Compost Heap

As gardeners, we probably all have a pretty good idea how to manage a compost heap in order to get the best possible compost for our gardens. But how often do we stop and investigate exactly what wildlife makes a home of all our garden debris?

How to Prune Rhododendrons To Promote Vigorous Bushy Plants

Rhododendrons can become leggy and bare of flowers if you neglect them over time. This article describes how best to deal with pruning both container-grown and garden-grown rhododendrons and azaleas.

Do You Need Garden Planters?

One problem with gardening nowadays is that many people have little or no backyard. This is why there are planters. Garden planters allow you to have an ornamental garden at home.

Do Birds Really Use Birdhouses

We put up bird houses for the birds, but do birds really use them? Or are we essentially just buying these fancy houses for ourselves, and the birds could really care less?

Exactly What Is Aquaponics

Aquaponics is a combination of aquaculture and hydroponics. What is aquaponics? How does it combine aquaculture and hydroponics? Well in aquaculture they grow mainly fish in an enclosed system and in hydroponics they grow vegetables or even fruit, without any earth. In aquaponics they grow both produce and fish and without some of the drawbacks associated with aquaculture and hydroponics.

So You Want to Get an Allotment?

During the second World War allotments were an essential way to supplement food that was difficult to come by and fast became a popular pass time for both those living in the countryside and in cities. Council allotments were formed on the edge of villages and in urban areas to encourage people to grow their own. However, with the onset of processed foods and supermarkets during the early sixties, the enthusiasm for allotment plots died away and many were left fallow and uncared for. However, today’s interest in organic produce, along with concerns about how our food is grown has led to renewed enthusiasm for the humble allotment – in some ways you could say they are now like gold dust, with waiting lists for plots of up to forty years! But don’t be disheartened, there are still many plots to be had. Here are a few tips on how to go about getting one, things to consider and what to grow.

3 Vegetable Seeds That Have a Large Yield Per Seed

If you had room to plant only three vegetables, what would they be and why? I was recently asked this question by a friend. Before I get into what I would grow let me address why I would grow the ones I did choose. If I only had space for three vegetables I would make sure I first grow something that has a high yield and second, make sure I am growing something that I and my family would enjoy eating.

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