Gardening Or Landscaping

There is Gardening and then there is Landscaping, they both involve planting and the use of outdoor elements; I guess the question would be is it gardening or landscaping? Many people use the word interchangeably but I believe that there are some very distinct differences between.

Spring Plants for Indoor Planters

Spring is a little late arriving this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring a little bit of spring weather indoors. There are plenty of spring flowering plants that will do well in indoor planters. With a plentiful choice of bulbs and plants around, here are just a few of my favourites that I think look particularly good indoors in planters.

Growing in the Four Seasons

Growing your garden in the four seasons is much like preparing a dinner for your family. Everything has to be planned and scheduled. Unlike in the tropics, our natural environment on the mainland is ever moving, ever changing, slowly moving from one season to the next. Plants have their own place in that process and it is really fun to work with your plants and be a part of that process.

Plants for April

April and spring is well underway. Renewed warmth in the sun means there is a wealth of choice of plants for your garden. Here are a few of my favourites, along with varieties and how to care for them.

Healthy Organic Heirloom Seeds and Pickling

Making and enjoying pickles is a favorite fall past time and excellent method for preserving produce grown from organic heirloom seeds. Home gardeners are able to use family favorite recipes to preserve their vegetables at the end of the season.

Blue Tomato Seeds Color and Benefits

Blue tomato seeds have become increasingly popular for home gardeners due to their unique flavor and colors, but also because of anthocyanin which provides them with their color. It is also responsible for the color of blueberries and blackberries, while also providing unique nutritive qualities.

Transitioning From Hydroponics to Aquaponics

As much as I do not like to bore readers with basic fluff that they probably know already, it is essential that I provide simple definitions of hydroponics and aquaponics before I give you the points that would make a transitioning easy for you. Hydroponics is simply a system of growing plants (especially vegetables) in a soilless medium.

Safety Tips Before You Prune

Of all the necessary season tasks your garden requires of you, pruning is likely one of the most dangerous. Read on for a few essential tips on keeping safe throughout the process.

Organic Heirloom Spinach Seeds Can Still Go Into the Garden Bed

Organic spinach seed provides healthy nutritious leaves for salads that are packed full of nutrition. They will produce best when planted early in the spring or for fall picking. The heat of summer causes the plants to bolt, which provides an opportunity to harvest seeds for sustainable gardening.

Front Yard Landscaping – How to Choose the Best Flowers for Your Yard

Beautiful flowers have many benefits. Careful planning is essential to achieve a beautiful front yard. Learn some tips on how to choose the best flowers for your front yard.

Making Sure Your Greenhouse Is Insulated Is As Important As Your Heating System

A well insulated greenhouse can not only save your vegetables but can save you a bit of money too. Why spend the money on an expensive greenhouse heating system if you have gaping big holes letting in force 9 gales? Have a read of this article for some tips in keeping out Jack Frost.

Organic Gardening on Your Windowsill

If you always wished to have a garden, but could not have one because of space, time or resource constraints, then here is good news for you. There are a surprisingly large number of food products and herbs that you can easily grow right on your windowsill. What makes this proposition even better is that you do not require specialized gardening skills, sophisticated tools, or hours of labor to have a lush and thriving mini windowsill garden!

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