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The History of Orchids in Ancient Greece

Orchids are one of the two most common species in the world. There are over 25000 Orchids species, or twice as many as there are bird species. Orchids are so common because of their amazing ability adapt and overcome climate change. You can find Orchids on all continents of the earth and just about any climate you can think of. Orchids have been on this earth since the dinosaurs roamed the earth because they can evolve to become stronger when they are struggling.

What Darwin Taught Us About Orchids

Orchids are one of the most beautiful, elegant, and plentiful flowering species in the world. There are over 20,000 species of Orchids officially recognized today. To put that into prospective, that means that we have four times more Orchid species on earth than we do known mammal species. That’s a whole lot of species for a plant that you don’t see all that often. This article will explain how we got to this point through a book that the great evolutionist Charles Darwin published in 1862.

The Most Common Types of Orchids

Did you know that an orchid can make you an addict! How so? With vast amounts of orchids present in the world, it is almost impossible to resist once you start getting to know these. They are amazing creatures that are quite attractive and delicately beautiful. This is not restricted to just one member of the orchid family but to all. Each has its own unique features, different growing conditions and beautiful looks. Although there are so many kinds of orchid flowers but ahead are the ones that are amazingly fascinating and too incredible to miss. Let’s discover a few of the many wonderful and charming orchids

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