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Extending the Flower Season

Late summer and colour in the garden is beginning fade. However, with some clever planting and carefully chosen plants it is possible to extend summer in the garden a good while longer. There are also plenty of techniques you can try that will also help to prolong the season.

University Researchers Imitate Heirloom Tomato Taste

According to Prof. Harry Klee of the University’s Horticultural Sciences Department, the reason most supermarket tomatoes taste bland and lack flavour is simply because farmers are paid to produce as much as possible, rather than tomatoes that taste good. Since Florida is a leading producer of fresh tomatoes, with a crop that is valued at more than US$430-million annually, Prof. Klee decided it was time to change the mindset.

Healthy Kids With Gardening

If you have kids, you know how difficult it can be to get them to eat a healthy diet. I’m here to tell you, it is possible to encourage healthy eating for healthy kids. One of the simplest ways to get your children to eat fruits and vegetables is to get them involved in growing healthy food. I will explain how you can have healthy kids with gardening.

Popular Bonsai – List of the Most Popular Bonsai Trees

Bonsai plants are very well-known miniature saplings that are cultivated to capture the beauty of a large replica tree. The tree is planted in a small ceramic container, pruned and potted to keep the tree from growing to full size. Like other potted plants, there are some bonsai trees that are more popular than others.

The Best Grow Room Lighting?

Do you know what the best grow room setup is? Take a look at what is the most widely used configuration used by professionals and amateurs alike.

Effective and Safe Method of Algae Control: Pond Dyes

There is a rampant use of algaecides among pond keepers. Explore safe and eco friendly way to put an end to unsightly algal growth in your pond. Pond dyes not only beautyfy your pon ds but also reduce algae and weeds.

Unusual Herbs To Grow At Home

The growing of herbs in a domestic garden is becoming more and more popular. By growing at home makes it seem more natural, fresh and rewarding.

Impact of Pesticide Use

Over the past several years, I have become more aware of the dangers of pesticide use by commercial farmers. Could the over-use of pesticide in our country is responsible for the increase in occurrence of these diseases? What exactly is the impact of pesticide use? Read on to learn more.

Grass Recycling

Are you recycling your grass clippings? Find out how easy and essential it is to your lawn’s health to recycle your grass.

Make Certain to Use the Right Tree Surgeon

If you are looking at cutting down tree branches or the entire tree, it will certainly benefit if you are able to use the services of the competent and well-trained tree surgeon (also referred to as an arborist). A wide range of problems can be experienced if the right techniques aren’t used for maintaining an overgrown tree.

4 Helpful Tips for Removing a Tree Stump

There is likely to be a variety of reasons why it might benefit to have a tree stump removed from the garden. A common reason is likely to relate to those trees that are diseased or damaged and it will be more beneficial to have it cleared from the property.

Ronco FD1005 Food Dehydrator

Seasonal fresh fruit, artisan jerky, kale chips and more. The Ronco food dehydrator is the perfect way to start making healthier decisions without having to commit to torturous fad diets.

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