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Garden Designers: Transform the Look of Your Garden

If you plan to transform the look of your garden and make it stand out from the others, choosing the perfect garden designer is extremely important as they are the people who give your space an attractive and appealing look. You must choose them wisely to get your dream garden turn into reality.

How To Grow Hotter Peppers

This article is all about how to grow hotter peppers.You additionally need to get the pepper off of a decent stem. In the event that it is from a weak stem, it might not have gotten enough supplements from the plant itself. A decent time to pick a pepper is around three weeks after the bloom is no more.

The Secret to Xeriscape Gardening

Xeriscape gardening is a perfect solution for dry arid climates or drought-ridden climates, while providing an alternative for those who would still like to maintain a landscape. Of course, you may need to modify the landscaping to meet the drought and water requirements of your own areas.

How to Care for Orchids Indoors

If you are wandering how to care for orchids, firstly you should pay attention to a biology of a particular orchid genus you grow. All orchids have some similarities, but also there are a lot of differences among different species.

Prepare Your Garden As Summer Approaches

Hard work in the garden during spring will begin to pay off in June as plants take hold and flowers bloom, but there is still planting that can be done to create a beautiful summer garden. Thin Fruit: It may be tempting to leave all fruit on trees no matter their size, but thinning excess fruit results in less strain on the tree or vine and makes for better-developed remaining fruit, especially for trees bearing fruit for the first or second time…

Why Should I Think About Backyard Companion Planting?

Ever thought how you can enhance your local space? I mean your really local space, like your backyard? Try companion planting and see how you can improve the wildlife, insect life and plant life in your garden.

How to Plant Garlic From Cloves

Have you ever had the urge to plant your own garlic? Not sure how to? Here is a step by step guide to how to plant and grow garlic.

Nurseries – Beautifying the World

Plants have been on Earth prior to human existence. They have been a part of the nature since eternity. It is said that it was the plants that came first, then the animals and finally humans.

Why Garden Pruning Should Be Done in Early Spring

While it’s a good idea to prepare the soil of your garden early in the spring, you may need to take care of the perennial plants just as much. Besides the harvest you can get with organic farming and the aesthetics that flower carpets bring, you certainly need to focus on trees, shrubs and many other lasting plants just as early as the first days of the upcoming warm season. In spring, the garden is a feast of blossom, so make sure that it happens to you – with timely pruning.

Hummingbird Friendly Gardens

Hummingbird friendly gardens are not only attractive to hummingbirds, but butterflies as well! An attractive, colorful garden of tubular flowers will attract hummingbirds and butterflies all summer long.

Marvelous Mint – Planting, Harvesting, and Usage

Mint or Mentha is much more than a plant grown to brew tea. The aromatic fresh green leaves can be used in the kitchen or for medicinal purposes. Find out how to plant, harvest, and use mint.

Increase Your Garden Yield the Easy Way

You are maintaining a kitchen garden with a number of interesting vegetables but somehow the related yield is not at par with your expectations. So what can you do in such a circumstance? You need to take expert help and choose the right garden fertilizer that promotes plant growth and associated productivity.

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