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Plant Warm Season Vegetables In March to Beat Summer Heat

Without a real winter in Southern California this year, gardeners can expect plenty of sunny days in March to prepare garden soil and plant warm season vegetables and flowers. Prepare Garden Soil: If you aren’t a year-round gardener, chances are good that not much has been done to your garden soil since last summer. It’s easy to get soil back in shape by adding organic amendment.

How to Make Stepping Stones

How to make stepping stones the easy and affordable way. Custom stepping stones that simulate boulders using simple and cheap building materials.

Agave Care and Fun Facts

What can prolong the life of your prized agave? Did you know that tequila is made from agaves and the history behind the worm?

How Do I Make a Garden Gnome Tree?

Making a garden gnome tree is easy and is a lot of fun too. Choose a single tree in the garden to be a home for ones lawn gnomes,  then a little magical world of its own can be created without affecting the look of your whole garden. The tree chosen for creating a gnome tree should have potential for creating a place of magic and mystery which is what suits gnomes best. A gnome door can be easily obtained or hand-made and attached to the base of the tree with a co

The Best Plants for Vertical Gardens

You can grow many varieties of plants with a vertical garden plan. Flowers, greenery, vegetables and fruit can all do well with vertical gardening techniques – and most of the time, yield more than a traditional, horizontal garden space.

The Impact of the Changing Weather on Gardens and Plants

The deep freeze is not the only time of year that causes mayhem in the garden. A very warm spring like last year when May was the best “summer” month brings plants on too fast and out of season.

How Birds and Other Flying Creatures Can Benefit a Garden

You buy a packet of flower seeds while standing in line at the grocery store. You think ‘they would be pretty in that spot out in the backyard’. Did you ever wonder where those seeds came from in the first place? Okay, so you know they came from the original plant; it produced seeds, somebody gathered them and they were deposited into this little packet. But how did those seeds come about?

You Only Have a Patio Heater, So What Other Furniture Do You Need to Make Your Garden Look Amazing?

Granny really does know best as I found out. She spent a year transforming her garden which only included a patio heater – my breath was taken away when I returned a year later. What other pieces of garden furniture did she use and what about flowers?

1000 Watt Metal Halide Bulb – Growing Power

As a grower, you already understand that you can only do as well as the equipment you use. In other words, if you try to grow with bulbs that have a very limited portion of the spectrum in their lighting capabilities, then you are going to end up with minimal growth and plants and flowers that are even damaged from getting too much light or heat. Some people, when they are not careful about the kind of light they use, end up actually burning their plants and flowers.

How to Deal With Pests and Diseases on the Vegetable Plot

It’s true to say that you will never completely eradicate pests and diseases from your vegetable plot and a certain level of attack can be tolerated especially if the edible part of a plant is not affected. But there are a few measures you can take to limit the damage they can cause. The key to keeping insect pests and diseases away from your vegetables is to make sure you grow strong healthy plants that have access to sufficient water and nutrients. Weedy plants are much more susceptible to diseases. However, if you do find you need to take more drastic measures then there is no real need to use pesticides, there are a number of organic methods you can try.

Scented Shrubs for the Garden

When we think of scented plants for the garden we normally pick flowers like roses or pinks, or herbs such as lavender and rosemary. However, there are a large number of shrubs you can buy for the garden that have an array of wonderful fragrances and often have the benefit of being evergreen too. Here are just a few of my favourites for different seasons in the garden.

The Blackwall Compost Converter Bin – A Composting Dream

The blackwall compost bin is the leading and one of the most well known compost bins here in the UK. It has had great success in the marketplace with over 3,000,000 sold worldwide. It’s manufactured from recycled plastic, which is well known as a lifetime lasting manufacturing material.

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