Names of medicinal herbs in English and Nepali

Growing Your Own Food – The Benefits of a Productive Garden

One of the most valuable life skills that you can obtain is to grow your own food. Learn about the numerous benefits, which comes with a well-maintained own garden.

How to Grow Tomatoes During the Winter Season

Just because the summer is over doesn’t mean you can’t grow tomatoes anymore. Find out how you can grow tomatoes throughout the winter.

When Autumn Leaves Begin to Fall: Autumn Gardening Ideas

Autumn has arrived and now it is perfect time to rearrange your garden. There are many things to do before winter comes. Autumn is a time to make sure that your yard is in the best shape for the forthcoming year.

Preparing Your Flower Beds for Winter

As the days grow shorter and the air cools off, it’s time to put your flower beds to rest for the winter. Not only is fall a pleasant time to be in the garden but it’s essential that you get the flowers ready for the long winter months ahead.

5 Topics You Can Study With Online Horticulture Courses

Gardening includes a vast array of topics, knowledge, and skill levels. No matter how much you think you know about gardening, there is always more to discover. Horticultural classes are a beneficial way to increase your knowledge; however, it’s not always possible to fit a regular class into your schedule. Fortunately, online horticulture courses make it possible for you to learn at your own pace and on your own schedule. Here are five topics you can learn more about from these courses.

Gardening Is Rewarding in More Ways Than One

In times of economic uncertainty, people have turned towards the practice of self-sufficiency. An indication of the drive towards self-sufficiency can be found in the DIY movement. Passionate do-it-yourselfers have covered the internet with their money-saving creations. If you find yourself wanting to save money or just enjoy taking care of something with your own hands, you might want to research the many do-it-yourself techniques that are available for free all over the pages and walls of the internet.

Garden Design Courses Might Be the Right Move for You!

Gardening is an emerging interest for people across the country. You can find gardens sprouting up in several different areas. On the community level, cities have reinforced their community member’s interest in gardening. In cities across the United States, gardens can be found in the center of urban areas and even in growing suburbs. People have also adopted the practice of making vegetable gardens on their residential property, giving them convenient access to the freshest produce imaginable. People often find a sense of fulfillment when taking care of their gardens. People enjoy having a connection to the food that they grow. In an age where food is processed, preserved and shipped from all corners of the earth, some foods have lost their quality.

5 Tips To Keep Correct Moisture In Your Worm Bin

Composting worms can tolerate a wide range of moisture levels but letting moisture get out of control could be a stinky disaster. The following tips should help keep you clear of turning your worm bin into your own Swampland in a box.

3 Ways To Turn Your Worms Into Coffee Freaks

Your worms are going to love eating your used coffee grounds. But don’t expect them to come running the first time you dump in the Arabica. Follow 3 simple guidelines to get your worms used to your java!

Coffee Grounds Perk Up Compost

Do you drink a cup of coffee every morning or a pot of coffee throughout the day? Either way, if you are throwing away those used coffee grounds, you are missing out on all the wonderful benefits coffee grounds can provide for your compost pile and your garden.

What the Amish Style of Growing Can Teach You About Growing Your Own Food

The Amish do not use modern growing technology, but you should. The article talks how the Amish cannot control their environment while people who use modern growing technology can control the environment their plants grow inside of daily.

What Spock Would Say About Indoor Growing Techniques

It is only logical to learn how to grow and produce a person’s own food supply. You can control what goes into the plants and you can, theoretically, decide when you want to harvest the product for your own use through careful planning.

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