Neglected European Nightcrawlers For 1 Whole Month | ENCs Grow Larger In Size | Adult Euros Worm Bin

Neglected European Nightcrawlers For 1 Whole Month | ENCs Grow Larger In Size | Adult Euros Worm Bin

Sprouting Seeds For Survival

Seed sprouts are the ultimate survival food. Here’s why.

Rain Barrels Make Sense – Don’t They?

When it comes to Rain Barrels you can find every size, shape, color and style you can imagine. The basic barrel can be built yourself from a large food grade plastic barrel, a few elbows, spigots and pieces of pipe.

Growing Spinach – From Seed to Harvest

If you’re looking for a cold weather vegetable, consider spinach. Learn about growing – soil preparation, seed sowing, and harvesting – and background – origins and nutrition.

Understanding the Problem of Filamentous Algae in Ponds

There is no denying that spending time in our gardens and yards can bring immense pleasure, more so if you have green fingers. If you have a water feature on your property then there can be certain times of the year when problematic algae species develop.

Preserving Basil – Harvest Basil Now for Year Round Enjoyment

Preserving basil is an easy process that can be achieved in a number of ways; by drying, freezing, salting or in an oil base. Of course, nothing can really replace the fragrance, taste and colour of freshly picked basil…

Filling Up Your Border With Campanulas Or Bellflowers

Campanulas are one of the most useful flowers you could plant in your garden or yard and while they are usually used as cut flowers, some varieties act as climbers and could be used to improve the aesthetic value of your wall. This therefore means that you should find out the characteristics of the variety of campanula you intend to plant, so that you can place them at vantage points in your garden or yard.

Lavender Has Beautiful Flowers And A Lovely Scent

Lavenders are really nice flowers to grow in your garden. They have beautiful purple flowers and also have a great scent, which is used in many products.

Expert Tips on Growing Roses From Cuttings

You can grow your own roses by taking cuttings from mature rose bushes and rooting them. This article provides you with step by step guidelines to selecting the right stems to cut, preparing them for cutting and rooting the cuttings.

Is It Safe to Practice Organic Gardening?

Wherever you go, you would find lots of people talking about organic gardening and its benefits. The advantages of eating healthy fruits and vegetables are very high, and rather than eating synthetically grown foods, you can easily eat organically grown vegetables and fruits. However, the question is, are organically grown foods and plants as good as they seem to be? The following organic gardening information would help you establish whether organic plants as safe as they seem.

Choosing the Best Tomatoes to Plant

Learning how the thousands of different types of tomatoes are classified can be an intimidating prospect. In reality, there are just a few breakdowns in tomato classification and they are easy to understand. This will help in deciding which tomato type is right for your garden.

Helpful Tips on How to Grow Celery

Celery is one of the healthiest vegetables you could add to your diet. Though it would certainly require proper care and knowledge to grow celery, it would definitely be worth the hassle as those vegetables available in the market is nothing compared to the one you grow in your own garden.

Keep Your Tomato Plants Disease Free

There are a number of fungi and diseases out there that can turn your beautiful tomato garden into a heap of dying plants. Learn how watering techniques, choosing the proper tomato variety, and soil care can prevent even the most tenacious and damaging tomato plant diseases.

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