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Blossom End Rot: Five Causes, Five Solutions

Blossom End Rot is not a disease, a pest or a fungus. It is a physiological condition that can be rectified. There are five main causes of Blossom End Rot in home-grown vegetables. Sometimes the problem is related to overwatering or over fertilizing, or both. Other times it is caused by an imbalance in the plants’ chemistry. The causes and solutions of blossom end rot are examined in this article.

Aquaponic Gardening

Aquaponic gardening is one of the hottest gardening subjects at the moment. There are a couple reasons why it’s become quite popular in recent years. Chief among them is the fact that you can grow up to 10x the amount of plants in the same area as a normal garden. The other reason that aquaponics has taken off is that unlike hydroponics (which produces very watery tasting produce) aquaponics produces rich wonderful tasting produce. The secret isn’t really a secret either.

Raised Beds Organic Gardening – How to Start One

There are many reasons why many people are going for raised bed organic gardening. Aside from being space efficient, it is also known to produce higher yield. Additionally, it is a good solution to important gardening problems like pest and weed control as well as not having ideal soil type suited for gardening.

How To Save Your Favorite Tree – Don’t Just Look at the Pest, Look at the Past

If one of your favorite trees is in decline and you want to know why, put down the magnifying glass and look into the past. The majority of tree health problems are caused by something other than pathogens, insects or mites. Most are caused by environmental conditions.

Bonsai – 26 Things You Should Know

Here are few basic bonsai tips to get you going: for the best drainage, use a basic potting mixture of equal parts of peat, loam, and sharp sand. For pines and junipers. Use a compost which is 70 per cent sharp sand, 15 per cent peat and 15 per cent loam.

How to Grow Vegetables in Containers

With the difficult weather that many regions have experience over the last year, the prices of many vegetables have hit peaks rarely seen before. This is bad news on the ‘hip pocket’!

Choosing a Lawn Aerator

Soils become compacted over time, either as a result of desiccation (drying out), or from the weight of overlying earth. This reduces the amount of open space between soil particles, known as the pore space, and leaves less room available for water and air. Not only does this make it more difficult for soil to hold water, it also prevents grass roots from properly absorbing the nutrients needed to feed shoots on the surface.

Home Aquaponics Systems

When you first start learning about home aquaponics systems you may come across some terminology that you don’t quite understand. Although aquaponics is very simple (even for a beginner) you should have a basic understanding of these processes.

Tips For Starting Your Own Garden With Seeds

Starting a garden from seeds involves several basics that need to be mastered. Some types of plants could be difficult to care for, especially when they are young and very fragile. Following the exact planting procedures is essential.

Orchid Care Instructions: How To Avoid Heat Damage With Your Orchids

Part of a good orchid care program should be monitoring the temperature. Most people know that the delicate flowers should not get below a certain temperature. However, did you know that they can become too hot as well?

How To Send Seasonal Flowers

There are multiple times throughout the year when sending flowers are not only appropriate, but actually the best thing you can do. Whether you’re talking about Christmas or Easter, a summer anniversary, or a fall birthday, with each occasion is an opportunity to send flowers.

How to Prune a Weeping Cherry Blossom Tree

Come spring, and you will see a cherry blossom plant in its full splendor. The blossoms can be white or light pink and grow all over the tree. A cherry blossom tree in full bloom adds beauty to any landscape. Generally, people love to grow a weeping cherry blossom tree in their garden as their shape can be maintained easily with regular pruning. These trees grow to a maximum height of around forty feet, but normally it has been seen that most weeping cherry blossom trees do not grow this tall. Also, they spread to just around fifteen to twenty-five feet and do not take up too much room in a garden.

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