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How Do I Prepare My Garden Soil for Home Gardening?

The number one factor in determining how you prepare the soil for your home vegetable garden planting is determined mostly by the size of your garden. A small garden is apt to be a fork-and-shovel garden. It will be worked by hand–spaded, to be exact. You dig into the earth with a shovel or fork, lift out a chunk of sod, and turn it bottom-side-up, so that the grass goes down in the bottom of the hole and the dirt is on top.

Plant Stacking – Work With Nature

Plants growing naturally in nature grow in what is known as a “stacked” layout. It is a method that can be incorporated into your gardening practices to allow for a greater utilization of space, and a greater productivity. Permaculture works in dimension, unlike traditional methods of gardening do.

Coriander – The New Herb for Any Garden

For centuries, Coriander has been an essential part of eastern cuisine. Whether in China, Asia or India, Coriander features prominently as an essential ingredient in any recipe. As our European tastes have broadened over the years, it is becoming more and more common to grow your own Coriander, as a part of the English herb garden.

Growing a Virginia Creeper

Virginia creeper and Boston ivy are wonderful covering plants for walls and places that need some interest. They are plants that need a firm hand in controlling them. Creeper or climber which ever you choose to call this ivy type plant, it both creeps and climbs brilliantly. The climbers do fill a need in the small or nearly non-existent garden because of their ability too grow vertically.

Marjoram – The New Herb For Your Garden

Marjoram is a Mediterranean plant that is becoming increasingly popular the world over, due to our growing delight in cultural cuisine. It was known as the symbol of happiness to the Greeks and Romans and is grown for its aromatic leaves as well as for essential oil. It is also a lovely plant to attract beneficial insects, including bees and butterflies.

Growing Herbs For Your Own Herb Garden

Whether you want a few pots of herbs on your windowsill or a complete herb border in your garden, growing herbs is an easy way to guarantee fresh herbs for using cooking. Growing your own herbs is also an excellent way of attracting many beneficial insects into your garden – including butterflies, moths and bees. Home grown herbs taste so much better than supermarket bought ones and it will also save you a lot of money, so is definitely worth a try!

Reasons To Grow Your Own Garden

There are many reasons to grow your own garden, some of which include the availability of fresh produce when needed, and the absence of pesticides on produce. It is also good exercise that can help you to stay in shape. In addition, it also gives you a chance for some fresh air, which is essential for good health.

Tips For Growing A Patio Garden

Patio gardens are becoming more popular as more and more people are confined to an apartment or other buildings where there is no access to a garden. One of the reasons is to avoid the harmful pesticides that are often found on conventional produce. It is also very convenient to have fresh produce on hand when needed.

Tips For Growing An Indoor Garden

Growing an indoor garden does not have to be any more complicated than growing an outdoor, or a patio garden. With new technologies such as growing lights and hydroponics it can be done, and be just as effective and tasty as anything that is allowed to grow naturally under the sun.

Build a Compost Bin for Your Home or Community Gardens in 2 Hours That Is Effective and Low Budget

I moved into my new historic area home this past year and began enjoying the camaraderie at our community garden. The ineffective compost bin quickly caught my attention. Consulting our members I was encouraged to improve the composting effort. I enthusiastically volunteered, welcoming the opportunity to experiment by asking myself how do I build a compost bin.

Tips For Growing An Indoor Herb Garden

Growing and indoor herb garden is very easy, and it is a great way to enjoy fresh herbs whenever you need them. Herbs are great for flavoring many foods, and therefore eliminate the need for processed flavorings, which are often laden with preservatives and other food additives.

Disadvantages Of A Patio Garden

Those who are confined to city living do not always have access to a yard wherein they can plant a garden. Therefore, a patio garden becomes their next best option in order to be able to enjoy freshly picked vegetables and herbs during the summer months. However, as good as a patio garden may be, there are some disadvantages of having one.

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