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Building A Rock Garden – Part One

To build a great rock garden careful planning is essential before you begin. You must remember that the aim is to produce a rock garden which will look as natural as possible.

Safety In The Garden

The garden can be a dangerous place if you are careless. Every year thousands of people are injured by garden equipment, particularly power tools. Fortunately, most of the injuries are avoidable if you take necessary precautions when using the equipment. Always take sensible steps to protect yourself when gardening. Wear thick gloves when handling rough materials and protect your eyes with goggles when pruning or working with twiggy stems. Move around a plant to prune it rather than stretching to your furthest reach. Use a steady ladder if you are cutting a hedge or climber over shoulder height.

Controlling Pests And Diseases

Stay one step ahead of the pests by sowing and planting at appropriate times and putting up traps and barriers. Protecting plants with suitable netting is probably the only solution to prevent damage caused by mammals such as rabbits. Isolated attacks of snails and caterpillars can be picked off by hand and destroyed, while small colonies of aphids can be rubbed out between finger and thumb. Similarly, isolated disease symptoms can be pruned out and the affected material out in the dustbin or burned. Do not put any material that looks as if it has been attacked by disease in the compost bin, as this may spread the disease to other plants in the garden.

Shredders And Chemicals In The Garden

Most accidents occur either when the blades are being unblocked, or when the equipment is being used without the correct safety guards in place. Always wear eye protection and strong gloves. If you are using a shredder for a long period of time, wear ear defenders too. Never put your hand in inlets or outlets and only try to shred materials recommended by the manufacturer. If you are dealing with chemicals make sure you follow all of the manufacturer’s instructions, including using protective equipment or clothing, such as water proof gloves when handling concentrates, and washing your hands and the equipment thoroughly after spraying.

Mint Garden Growing Tips

The opinions are split on mint, some people find it to be very easy to grow, while others find it challenging. Both opinions are based on the fact that it grows quickly and can survive in poor soil better than most other perennials. For the gardener who doesn’t want to put much time into growing herbs, this makes it easy. However because of its quick and easy growth, it can take over a garden if it is not dealt with properly. For a beginning gardener, the best advice on how to grow your own mint is to keep it in its own pot. This controls the spread of the herb, and keeping fertilizer to a minimum will help to keep it under control.

A Simple and Easy 5 Step Process To Create Magnificent Japanese Gardens

Gardens in the traditional Japanese style are being built every where in the western culture today. You can find them in suburban neighborhoods, city parks and on roof tops of high rise apartment buildings in the bigger cities. These gardens are beautiful and tranquil and give the visitor a sense of inner peace, that is one of the reasons that they are so popular.

Tomato Growing Problems Can Be Avoided With the Right Care

There are several major categories of tomato growing problems to consider – tomato diseases, environmental problems and harvest timing issues. All of these potential problems can be easily avoided if you follow the simple tips in this article.

Desert Gardening For Beginners

When living in a desert you have to be constantly aware of conserving water. Desert soils alkaline nature it does not hold water ling enough to be able to sustain plant life. Desert gardening also requires that you have a very good drainage system.

How to Water Orchids the Right Way

You would think watering orchids is a standard procedure that does not change from one species to another but as you will find out in this article on the way orchids are watered, there are many ways. Although orchid care and watering is complicated it should not stop you from growing these wonderful flowers. Orchids have no equal among other blossoming plants for many reasons.

Gardening Help, What Is a Weed, How to Control and Kill Weeds

There are also several other difficulties with the use of herbicides by home gardeners. Many herbicides are nonselective and will kill the vegetables, as well as the weeds.

Quirky and Odd, Voodoo Lily Adds Drama to Your Garden

A conversation starter to be sure, this uncommon aroid will be a scene stealer. Whether you call it voodoo lily, dragon lily, vampire lily, snake palm, devil’s tongue, stink plant, Holy lily of India, black lily of the Nile, Hydrosme rivieri, or umbrella arum, a rose by any other name smells…

Growing Herbs in Apartments

Just because you live in an apartment doesn’t mean you can’t grow your own herbs, both for cooking and herbal remedies. Here are a few suggestions.

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