No Grit Compost Worm Bin

No Grit Compost Worm Bin

Starting a Windowsill Herb Garden

Growing herbs in a windowsill herb garden is a wonderful and practical use of any small gardening space. Nothing beats being able to pick fresh herbs for your dishes right where you need them. Planting indoor herbs is not that different from growing herbs outside. This type of herb garden is simple to set up, relatively affordable, exceptionally useful in the kitchen, can give off soothing scents in your home, and can be enjoyed by everyone.

How To Water Orchids

Several factors need to be considered before you water orchids. These include the species of orchid, type of pot, type of potting media and age of the plant.

Cultivating Tomato Seeds Into Blossoming Plants

Growing tomatoes from seeds is the simplest way to start a bountiful harvest. You just need healthy seeds and then couple it with proper care, adequate sunlight and water supply and you can have a long tern supply of homegrown juicy tomatoes.

5 Tips for Growing Carrots in Raised Beds

Here are some tips to help you successfully grow carrots in a raised bed vegetable garden. The first two tips are especially important for growing straight sweet carrots.

Factors to Consider in Growing Tomatoes On Your Own

Growing tomatoes on your own is a practical way to ensure that you are serving healthy and safe food on the table. Growing tomatoes is easy and manageable, anybody can do it but you need to consider several factors to succeed.

Common Tomato Growing Problems and How to Prevent Them

Tomatoes are very nutritious so it is good if you can start growing them in your home. In taking care of your tomato plants, you need to be aware that there are tomato growing problems that you need to watch out for. You must know the solutions to these problems so you will have bountiful tomato harvest.

Lawn Fertilizer – What Is That Smell?

I should have known better than to think that chicken manure would smell even if it was dry. In the future my grass will be less important to me or I’ll use granular fertilizer like everyone else.

My 2 Simple Secret Garden Tips To A Better Garden For You

In my secret garden tips I try to give people some real great tips on how to take care of their garden. But actually, little do they realize that in gardening, they are actually finding a natural cure to relieve themselves form the daily dramas of a modern day lifestyle.

Get Creative With Garden Toys for Kids

Children love playing outdoors, and most little ones enjoy getting dirty. Gardening is a great way to keep your child entertained and active for hours. Letting your child have his or her own set of garden tools will create a sense of independence.

Orchid Fertilizer for Indoor Orchids

Orchids are natural survivors and will continue to grow without giving them any fertilizer at all, however to get the most out of your orchid fertilizer is necessary just like any other flower. Indoor orchids especially need some assistance as they do not get the naturally supplied nutrients an orchid in its natural environment would receive. Most indoor orchids are epiphytic and are grown in bark which decomposes very slowly so a little orchid fertilizer helps a lot.

Orchid Growers – 3 Key Questions to Ask Before Buying From Any Orchid Grower

Buying from orchid growers can go one of two ways: you might end up with a robust, healthy plant with tons of beautiful blooms, or you might simply end up with a dud that wilts as soon as you get it home. But did you know you’re 100% in control of how your trip to the orchid grower turns out? You will once you learn these 3 key questions to ask before buying from any orchid grower.

3 Reasons You Might Want To Use Organic Methods of Killing Weeds

Getting rid of weeds naturally is becoming more important every day. As our awareness about the carcinogens in chemical herbicides becomes stronger, scientists are finding more reasons every day to switch to organic weed control techniques.

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