Not Using Shredded Carboard For My Worm Bin | Feeding Again After Another 2 Weeks | Vermicomposting

Not Using Shredded Carboard For My Worm Bin | Feeding Again After Another 2 Weeks | Vermicomposting

What Are the Two Basic Orchid Types?

Orchids come in so many species and hybrids yet can be easily classified into two basic types. The two types are terrestrial and epiphytes orchids. Terrestrial orchids grow on the ground particularly on forest debris. The epiphytes grow on trees but are not parasitic.

An Introduction to Orchid Growing for Beginners

Orchid information for beginners. The growing and caring methods differ from other regular home plants. It emphasizes on the exceptional needs they have when it comes to watering, fertilizing, lighting and potting soil. It also introduces to the beginner to some of their natural features.

3 Tips For Raised Garden Beds

There are numerous benefits and rewards to be had from deciding to install raised garden beds on your property. Once installed you have more control over what you actually grow. Plus they help when it comes to being able to manage different types of soil and climates.

Herb Garden Ideas

Fresh herbs are the ultimate when it comes to cooking and many people now a days want them. What better way to enjoy fresh herbs in your kitchen than ones that are just minutes old. There is no deep dark secrets when it comes to growing herbs. In fact herbs are really very easy to grow and you don’t need a large space to grow them in either.

Mid March Garden Fever

If ever there were a time when the gardening itch strikes it has to be the middle of March. The days are getting longer, day light savings time is about to begin, the early perennials are just starting to make a stir, and the weather starts to tease with a slightly warmer day here and there. After a long and snowy winter those days in the mid forties are a very welcome sign that Spring is on its way.

Growing Green Sustainable Practices In The Garden

Sustainable practices in the garden is not only smart it is healthier for you and your family. Utilizing the byproducts of your gardens production means not only are you helping your community by helping to keep the landfills from growing but you are using natural methods to grow your own food free of chemicals and inorganic products.

Understanding Your Garden’s Soil

Garden soils vary and can be a real challenge at times to work with if you do not understand their characteristics. Some of them can have their downside, while others may have many benefits that they can provide to your organic garden.

Early Vegetable Gardens

For those who have little patience for Mother Nature to turn the hands of time to planting time there are some things you can do to get started early on your vegetable garden. You will not be able to grow tomato and other warm season vegetables early but you will most certainly be able to get a head start on those cool season crops.

Turning A Wormfarm Into An Attractive Garden Feature

A wormfarm is not a particularly attractive garden feature, even though it a very useful contraption to have. Wormfarms can provide you with an alternative to synthetic fertilizer that is not only far less odorous than manure but cheaper too. Your plants will grow better and more abundantly and you will be helping to save the environment because the plant food produced in a wormfarm is eco-friendly. Furthermore, fertiliser from earthworm farms is effective in controlling garden pests and works just like any other synthetic fertilizer but without the chemicals that can be harmful to humans and animals.

Sustainable Gardening – Our Future

Sustainable gardening was a big thing back in the sixties and early seventies; back then it was part of the back to the land movement. Many of the ideas and concepts that were hatched back then are in use today, but by way too few people I am afraid.

The Advantages of Using Cordless Lawn Mowers

In recent years, with developments in rechargeable battery technology, the cordless lawn mower has become increasingly popular. But, what is wrong with the traditional gas powered mower, or indeed corded electric models? After all, they have served us well for many years.

Good Reasons to Try Home Aquaponics

With the price of meat, fish and groceries all going up, and the environment becoming more of an issue, what better time to investigate other options to save you money and reduce your footprint on the earth. One such option is aquaponics. Aquaponics is the combination of having your own fish farm and using the nutrients they produce to fertilise your plants in a hydroponic style setup.

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