Office paper vs shredded cardboard? Tiny Worm Bin feeding & discussion on what, how much & why.

Use the Best Hydroponic Fertilizers to Increase Your Plants’ Productivity

Many gardeners and farmers are switching to hydroponics which is the term given to the cultivation of plants without any soil because this is a direct method of agriculture that produces excellent results. They also require special nutrients for their plants because they cannot always use fertilizers that are meant to be used on soil. These fertilizers have to be water soluble because they will otherwise be of no use to the plants.

Tropical Garden Design – Have A Holiday Resort Right At Home

If you have sufficient place around your house then you can really let your fantasies run wild when it comes to picking your garden design. There are plenty of wonderful themes you could go with depending on what your exact preferences are and also on how you plan to use the area.

The Importance of Soil Chemistry for Rose Bush Gardening

Soil condition is a very important aspect of successful rose growing. This article highlights all the important aspects of soil that you need to be aware of to grow healthy roses.

Growing Climbing Roses – Caring for Different Varieties

There are a number of different climbing roses available on the market. However, each requires slightly different care and pruning. This article outlines some necessary information to assist you.

Tips for Growing Herbs in Containers Outside

Growing herbs in containers outdoors can be rewarding and fun. Not only is there the added benefit of knowing that the food you eat is from a real plant, but there is the fun of watching something you planted springing to life. Also, as far as cost effectiveness goes it is actually cheaper to grow two to three herbs that you usually use in the kitchen than it is to go to the store every month and have to purchase the same herb in a bottle.

Rose Information And Myths

There are tons of rose information and also many myths associated with it. The following article touches on these myths while determining if they prove truthful or otherwise.

Top 10 Tips on Organic Gardening

Compost First on the list of the Top 10 Tips on Organic Gardening is Composting. Composting is the use of different biodegradable wastes to create a very fertile soil.

Growing Greens With Hay Racks and Coconuts

When we grow things we always want them to grow for a long time and we want them to be healthy. Gardening is not just a hobby but a passion and everyone who wants to grow beautiful flowers and attractive plants must make sure that every element should work to complement each other.

How to Set Up a Butterfly Garden

How to set up a butterfly garden! All the information you need to choose plants to attract butterflies to your garden at home or school.

Cloches And Cold Frames

Cold frames and cloches are used to give young plants and seedlings protection from rain and wind and the cold. They are particularly important in winter when frost and snow can damage plant cells. A cold frame or cloche can extend your growing season by a few months each year.

When a Greenhouse Heater Should Be Used

Even though there is solar energy providing some heat in a greenhouse, in certain climates or times of the year a greenhouse heater is needed too. Too cold and the will not reach maximum growth too hot and they will shrivel from heat. So maintaining temperature is of utmost importance with a greenhouse. Let’s look at how this is done in this indoor environment.

Aquaponics What Is It About Today?

It has been shown that plant life have a optimistic effect on folks. Apart from oxygenizing the room in which they can be placed, they likewise have a benefit consequence upon people’s mood. This is the reason in which more and more people want to decorate his or her apartment together with natural vegetation. Yet, suppose you can have far more benefits from the plants as part of your house?

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