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Hydroponics – Roots and Oxygen

The importance of aeration of plants roots, a description of how to aerate your plants roots using soil, and the positive effects aeration of plants roots can have on your gardens plants. There are a lot of articles and information regarding the importance of carbon dioxide to a plant’s health, but very few about the importance of oxygen to a plant’s nutrient uptake and overall health.

Roses – How, What and Where to Plant for the Best Effects

A flower garden does not seem complete without a show of roses. They are decorative, functional, long lived, have innumerable varieties and above all are amongst the easiest of plants to grow and maintain. Judicious mixing of the various forms around your garden or yard such as creepers, shrubs, ramblers, climbers, hedges or just as beds of Hybrid Teas or Floribundas in standard or bush form will add extra interest to a colorful display.

Finding the Best Plant Pots Made Easy

No garden is complete without a range of plant pots, holding anything from a fruit tree to sculpted shrub to a few flowers. There are so many different types of pots, with both traditional and modern designs, that it can be hard to find one which suits your own garden, and yet can also comfortably hold the plants that you wish to grow there.

Efficient Removal of Japanese Knotweed

Many gardeners will live in fear of ever having Japanese Knotweed in their gardens. It is now the most invasive plant in Britain as it will resist attempts to remove it vigorously. It can be eradicated however and this article will provide a few tips on how to do this.

Japanese Knotweed Removal

To remove Japanese Knotweed from your garden is more than a challenge for most of us. As the plant is very invasive and can cause damage to property the removal should be dealt with thoroughly and effectively.

Plumeria Flower – Tips, Tricks, and Secrets

People love having their own Plumeria flower plant no matter where in the world they live. Even though it is actually a tropical plant, with a little extra care and knowledge you can successfully enjoy the gorgeous plumeria flower where you live too.

The Amazing Plumeria Flower

The amazing Plumeria Flower is adored the world over because of both its colorful flowers and its sweet fragrance. Hawaiian leis are typically made from the plumeria flower and with good reason. Learn something new about this coveted plant and the stunning flowers it produces!

Edible Garden Organic Bug Killer

First thing to consider is, are the bugs in your edible garden a pest? Does the plant appear to be dying? Is the fruit or flower of the plant affected? Is the plant still growing?

How to Grow a Secret Vegetable Garden

When most people think of a vegetable garden, they think of carrots, cabbages and potatoes, growing in military rows on bare ground, usually hidden somewhere in the back of the garden. It’s utililitarian, but it’s not usually the prettiest part of the garden. Some people, especially those with smaller gardens, choose not to grow vegetables, because they want to look out at a view of colourful plants and flowers, rather than the functional ranks of a vegetable patch.

USA Made Drinking Water Hoses

Quality, drinking water safe hoses are made from the highest quality UV stabilized, polyether based polyurethane materials that are FDA approved. You have no way of knowing what toxin laced components or cheap fillers are used in the manufacture of cheap hoses imported from China.

What’s Down the Garden Path?

Landscapes can be enhanced with the use of meandering pathways leading the visitor through the garden areas. They can be formal or casual, narrow or wide, but something about a garden path bids you to enter.

Plant Material And Planting Methods – Number 2

A cutting is a small piece removed from a plant which with proper treatment can be induced to form roots and then grow into a specimen which is identical to the parent plant. You cannot guess the best type of cutting to take nor the best time to propagate a specimen which is identical to the parent plant.

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