Outdoor Worm Bin After Days of Heavy Rains + Lots of Bedding Added Feeding #18 Vermicompost WormFarm

Outdoor Worm Bin After Days of Heavy Rains + Lots of Bedding Added Feeding #18 Vermicompost WormFarm

Planting Apple Trees for Deer

While having an apple tree or trees for yourself is wonderful, allowing you both beautiful landscaping features and a hearty fruit source right in your own backyard, many wildlife lovers enjoy the notion of planting apple tree for deer. While other wildlife creatures may also find the apples a wonderful meal, deer particularly enjoy this fruit.

10 Tips for Using Herbicides

When you have weeds that are still hanging on in your grass seed lawn, you may have to take stronger measures against them in the form of an herbicide. Herbicides are great for weed control, but they also are complicated to use, and dangerous when not used correctly. Here are ten tips for using herbicides safely and effectively.

The Health Benefits Of Gardening

Any gardener will tell you that there is something very special about being outside, working in the dirt to plant and weed and tend your little patch of earth. For a population who spends more and more time seated behind a desk using technology away from nature, the health benefits of gardening include working outside getting your hands dirty and enjoying the fresh air. A novel way to pass the time that just happens to be good for you too.

How To Choose the Right Indoor Grow Box

Many are interested in growing their own plants, fruits and veggies. Most don’t have the temperate climate to grow year round so its attractive to come indoors and go for the year-round perpetual growth in their own grow box. Everyone can enjoy the fun hobby of indoor hydroponic growing but its best to ask yourself a few questions before you purchase an indoor growing system.

Understanding Silver Beet, Swiss Chard and Spinach

While many people identify Swiss chard as a kind of spinach, it is in fact known and officially catalogued as spinach beet and silver beet, and is not the same family as spinach at all. Silver beet (or chard) is related to the beetroot family.

Gardening Work Wear: Get The Right Clothing For The Job!

Although working in the garden is a lot of fun, if you’re not wearing the right clothing – chances are you can expose yourself to garden elements that can poke, scratch, and cut through your regular clothing. Sometimes when people work in their gardens, they tend to forget about all the dangers that can befall them. Whether it comes from digging in the soil, clearing weeds, pulling shrubs, or cutting down branches, there are many things that are in the garden that can potentially pose a hazard for someone’s hands, body, knees, and feet. For this reason choosing the right clothing when working in your garden is extremely important.

All About Mulching Mowers

Typically, when we hear the phrase “mulching” we think of distributing mulch around physically, either by hand or with a spade. But mulching mowers have given the term “mulching” with a whole new position in household and professional gardening.

Improving Your Soil Using Drainage

Excessive drainage in sandy soil can be a nuisance, you have to water frequently in dry weather and it is necessary to build up a water-holding structure by adding as much organic matter as you possibly can. Faulty drainage is more than just a nuisance, it can be a plant killer. Stagnant water laying around the roots starves them of air.

The Basic Facts About Growing Bonsai Trees From Seed

Growing Bonsai trees from seed is something that takes time and it isn’t something for impatient people – that’s for certain! On the other hand, growing Bonsai trees from seed is an inexpensive way to start your own specimens – allowing you to give “birth” to the saplings you prune, shape and grow, for many decades.

Homemade Insecticide for Veggies

It is an unfortunate fact of life that a wide variety of crawling, burrowing and flying insects eat vegetable plants and the fruit they produce. While the first step in getting rid of these destructive pests is to identify them, the next is to decide how to kill them.

Rocket Will Add Zing to Any Salad – And It’s Easy to Grow at Home

Rocket has become an immensely popular salad ingredient in recent years. Also known as arugula, it is has a delicious slightly peppery taste that is guaranteed to add that little bit of extra zing to any salad or sandwich.

Chinese Artichokes: A Tuber With a Difference

Although relatively difficult to source planting material, Chinese artichokes are an incredibly easy vegetable to grow. Like potatoes and Jerusalem artichokes, this is a tuber, but it is not related to either of these plants.

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