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Simple Steps To Cleaning Your Lawn Mower The Right Way

The lawn mower is one of the most important tools to you if you are one person who wants to have the perfect lawn. This is because you cannot stay without mowing your lawn and then expect to have a good-looking one which people will admire.

Simple Steps To Getting The Perfect Green Lawn

If you have ever seen those perfect lawns on the cover of home magazines, then I am quite sure that you have, at one time or another wished to have a lawn similar to the one that you saw. Although I have to agree that it is not a simple process, I have to assure you that it is not as hard as some people may want to make you believe.

How to Prevent Soil Erosion in Your Garden

Soil erosion is the most destructive factor that would affect your home gardening activities. Without knowing it, in the long run you’ll noticed the growth pattern and production aspect of your plant would be greatly reduced, making your output to a degree of poor yield resulting to your tremendous losses.

All About Lawn Edging

If you have ever looked at those home magazines, you have probably seen some very lovely lawns that you have wished to have in your home. If you are like many other people, you simply do not understand the invest that is need to have such nicely edged lawns and what you can do to your lawn so that it can look like the ones in the photographs.

A Few Tips For A Healthy Lawn

One of the things that many people do agree about is the fact that there are really no great secrets to getting a healthy lawn. You have everything that you really need to have if you want to have a healthy lawn.

How To Pick An Excellent Lawnmower

Whenever one is faced with a situation where one is forced to make a purchase of something that is quite expensive, one usually feels that the challenge is quite big for one. Choosing the right lawnmower for a newbie is something that is equally hard.

Repairing Your Lawn – All About Total Renovation

Normally, lawn renovation comes up as a result of a few weeks of negligence or after hosting a family gathering over the weekend which has done a not-so-small damage on your lawn. Renovations that arise because of these reasons are usually partial renovations that target bald lawns, high-traffic paths, depressions, mounds, and so on.

Planting Perennials in Containers

Some hardy perennials make ideal container plants. Although they do not flower for as long or as prolifically as bedding plants, they are generally easier to look after and can cope with a wider range of different conditions. When you choose perennials for containers, you need to select plants that have decorative foliage so that they look attractive throughout the growing season.

Planting Window Boxes and Baskets

Window boxes, troughs and hanging plants are an ideal way of adding color and interest to all parts of the garden in summer. They can also be used to brighten up the dull, dark days of winter by planting them with evergreens and winter flowering perennials. When you are choosing a basket, opt for the biggest you can find, ideally 16 inches, because this holds twice as much compost soil mix as the most popular size, 12 inches.

Planting Containers

Although the traditional technique of adding broken pots to the bottom of the tub is not necessary, if you are planting top heavy trees or shrubs, a heavy layer of stones will improve stability. If you are planting shallow rooted bedding plants in a deep container you can save compost and reduce the weight of the container by filling the bottom third with Styrofoam chips.

Unusual Containers

Containers also give you the opportunity to grow plants that would otherwise struggle in your soil conditions as well as invasive perennials that would swamp your borders or even your whole garden. The giant ornamental rhubarb, for example, can reach six feet in a moist spot, but in a large container, such as a half barrel, it can be kept to a more manageable size.

5 Benefits Of Using Liquid Fertilizer

When people think of fertilizing their lawns, they usually think of spreading some crystals over their lawn. This is usually because many are used to the process that they go through when they are applying fertilizer to large tracts of land. When it comes to applying fertilizer on your lawn, it is important to realize that you have a very practical option of applying it when it is in the liquid form.

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