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Growing Hostas

Hostas are herbaceous perennial plants that vary in size from miniature varieties to over 30cm in width. With their broad leaves in various shades of green, they make excellent focal points in shady areas of the garden. They are also grown for their flowers which are often fragrant. Here is a short guide on how to grow them and some of my favourite varieties.

Plant Cool Season Vegetables in September

Although the temperature still feels like summer, now is the time for Southern California gardeners to plant cool season vegetables for a spring harvest. Prepare Soil for Fall Garden: After the spring and summer growing season, garden soil needs a pick-me-up. Remove nonproducing vegetable plants, loosen the garden soil and mix in a two-inch layer of organic compost.

Growing Herbs At Home

The benefits of having a windowsill herb garden are numerous. The act of tending to the garden is relaxing and rewarding. The ability to add fresh herbs to one’s cooking gives even the simplest dishes a richer, more elegant taste and presentation.

Worm Composting: An Easy Process to Grow Your Indoors and Out

We’ve all heard about the advantages of composting, the good it does for our eco system, our landfills and our communities. Take it one step further, and compost with the help of worms in your own kitchen or dining room. Manufacture a great product from your kitchen scraps to nourish your flowers, your plants and you.

Organic Gardening: Shade Gardening for Color

Gardening for shade has traditionally been a bit disappointing if you’re looking for eye-popping color. However, there are many shade-loving plants that boast subtle to dramatic colors. You can also add excitement to your shady landscape with non-plant features.

Finding A Used Chipper Shredder For Sale

Are you the sort of person who likes to spend their weekends outside in the yard, pruning back shrubs, planting bulbs and mowing the lawn? Keen gardeners like yourself will often find that you have plenty of garden debris to dispose of, like unwanted plants that you have uprooted, tree limbs and raked leaves.

How and When to Remove Thatch From Your Lawn

Thatch is an accumulation of dead grass, living and dead roots, and other debris on top of your lawn’s soil. Thatch works like mulch to suppress grass plant growth. As thatch thickens, it robs the soil of air and hinders water absorption so it’s a good idea to dethatch to help maintain a healthy, green lawn.

1000 Watt Metal Halide Bulbs

Metal halide bulbs are amongst some of the most popular bulbs in the sunlight supply industry. 1000 watt metal halide bulbs can help to provide you with versatile lighting that can be brought to you with a very low energy cost as well. As a result of using this lighting system, many are able to get great lighting for a large area using less fixtures than ever before and far less energy.

Cooking With Rosemary

Many herbs have been used for centuries as part of folklore and tradition to signify or celebrate certain events. Prior to the 1500s, this fragrant herb was often used as part of wedding symbolism, worn as a wreath by brides to symbolize fidelity, love, friendship, and remembrance of the premarital life.

The Hanging Gardens of Spain

Spain has pioneered the idea of the Vertical Garden. Flowers and plants hang from walls, balconies and trellis to produce the most wonderful floral display where space is a premium – the only way is up!

Different Types of Flowers

One of the most beautiful elements of our nature are flowers. They are able to make people happy because of their beautiful colors and addicting fragrance. Different flowers are grown in different seasons like spring, autumn, summer, winter etc.

Planting Alpines in a Rockery

Alpine plants are a lovely group of plants to grow. Because of their natural habitat which is at high altitudes with often extreme temperatures, they are normally small and extremely hardy. Mat or clump forming, they provide miniature splashes of colour to a garden. They require very free-draining soil with protection from wet winter weather, so growing them in stone walls or a rock garden is a ideal way of replicating their natural habitat and showing them off to their full potential.

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