Pine Shavings Worm Bin Cantaloupe is GONE 8/30/2021

Pine Shavings Worm Bin Cantaloupe is GONE 8/30/2021

The Power That A Rose Has Over Mankind

The rose is said to be one of the ancient flowers that existed long time ago as rose fossil remains dating from 35 million years ago, long before the human species existed, were excavated in North America, Europe and Asia in varying colors. However it is vague as to where it originated and how it began. What was clear was that ancient civilizations were the first to benefit from its various uses and the Chinese and the Egyptians were the first to cultivate it.

Things You Need To Know About Fertilizers

For homeowners who wish to have a lush green yard they know that taking care of their lawn and its every step is crucial for a healthy yard that they always want to achieve and the process is not that simple especially in choosing the right kind of fertilizer that you will put into your grasses. As there are many choices for you to choose from and the different nutritional value that each of these fertilizers offer gives surely gives you a hard time thinking on what to have plus the fact that commercialism and advertisement makes every product looks good and beneficial. If you are in doubt about the fertilizer you want to purchase, here are some quick tips for you.

How to Choose Healthy Plants for Your New Garden

Buying healthy, strong plants is essential to a successful garden. Here is a guide especially for the new gardener on how to choose healthy plants.

Art of Bonsai: The True Symbol of Japanese Art and Culture

Bonsai is highly regarded as a symbol of Japanese art and culture. It is an art of cultivating miniature trees by careful pruning, wiring and trimming. Japanis renowned for its art of Bonsai.

Facts About Building Raised Garden Beds

Building raised garden beds has many rewards to it. It’s the kind of arrangement in creating gardens that any average gardener can take real control of. It is also a fact that building raised garden beds helps when it comes to the different climates and soil management.

Vegetable Gardening For Seniors

For those who have garden most of their lives getting older may mean a change in their physical abilities, and the amount of gardening work they can do. But getting older is not necessarily a reason to stop doing things which you enjoy.

How To Be Sure You Are Eating Organically Grown Food

The idea of eating organically grown food is one that is appealing to more and more people each day. With each passing news story of recalls of contaminated food the American consumer is getting more leery bout what they are eating and where it is coming from.

Top Reasons for Pruning

Gardening is an art and it requires little techniques to get more output. Pruning helps in increasing the productivity of gardening. The following are the reasons why pruning technique is employed…

Tips to Remember When Buying House Plants

It is a sad fact that newly-purchased plants sometimes die within the first two or three weeks of getting them home. The path to successfully maintaining your new plants starts even before they are purchased by the garden centre.

Some Major Growing Conditions for Grapes

Growing conditions for grapes vary according to varied factors that may directly or indirectly affect the whole cycle of grapes production. Growing grapes have become more massive in scale since it was first grown as an edible plant by our ancestors thousands of years ago. Grapes are one of the most sought after fruits for their many uses.

Coffee Grounds For Plants, Do Your Plants Drop Acid?

The first few times I used coffee grounds they were from the first pot of coffee for the day. I was also scolded for wasting good coffee grounds when they still had a couple of pots of coffee in them. I then waited until the end of the day to take the grounds. I also tested using fresh or unused coffee grounds.

Aquaponics – Media Types

Growing medias play a very important role in keeping fish and plants thriving in aquaponics. The media is what supports the plant’s root system and provides plant life with a constant supply of nutrient-rich moisture. Aquaponics media needs to be chemically inert, porous, stable and easily replenished.

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