Pine Shavings Worm Bin – Starting Side Harvest 05/25/2022

Pine Shavings Worm Bin - Starting Side Harvest 05/25/2022

Grow A Better Bonsai With The Right Bonsai Starter

Whether you are buying a bonsai starter from your local nursery to train, or deciding which of your pot plants you are going to create your next work of art from, there are a couple of things you can look for that may help speed up the process of achieving a much better bonsai sooner. If you have studied the 5 styles of Japanese Bonsai and have your mind set on a style you would like to attempt, choose a tree that already has some or all of the characteristics of the style you wish to train.

The Best Methods to Kill Weeds in the Garden

Do the weeds in your garden seem to overtake the whole yard? Do you feel overwhelmed by them?

Organic Weed Killer – Why Make the Change to Organic

I have never been someone who you would consider “green” or into the whole organic movement. I never thought there was any reason to spend the extra money on the organic stuff, because I didn’t think that it really made much of a difference. I have started to change my mind, and it started in a strange place…with an organic weed killer.

Caring For Orchids – A Step-By-Step Guide

Caring for orchids can be challenging – aptly described as half science and half art. Caring for your plant is more than just providing water and sunlight. It requires accuracy, punctuality, a great deal of endurance and love. For this reason, it’s important to follow these essential fundamentals before you start planting and caring for these exquisite gifts of nature.

Compost Containers – What You Must Know Before Buying Them

We all know how important recycling is these days and studies have shown that the rate of people growing their own fruits and vegetables has skyrocketed in the last couple of years. Times are tough economics wise and it’s a smart idea to save money where you can. The best way to have a thriving vegetable patch is by adding

Is it Time to Grow a Victory Garden?

It’s fascinating to read stories about the 1940s. As people reminisce about the past, they remember the good times and the NOT so good times. Because of family members being involved in World War II and the shortage of clothing and food, families and neighbors bonded together to help each other out during some difficult circumstances.

Orchids Guide For New Growers

Several orchids are temperamental and are very unforgiving when it comes to over or under watering, too much sunlight or not enough food and humidity. An Orchids guide can be helpful to someone is interested in this type of flower to grow a beautiful flowering plant that might last a long while if properly cared for. Plants are similar to any living thing and some say they have their own ‘personality’ and will want various things in order to bloom for a person. This is the beauty of growing such a plant, finding out just what works.

Drying Herbs in 3 Easy Steps

The most common steps in drying newly-harvested herbs are discussed in this article. Knowing the different methods of drying herbs will make you understand that it’s a straightforward process, just as it’s natural and simple to make your own dried herbs to use all year round.

DIY Orchid Arrangements For Your Wedding

You really like the idea of having orchids in your wedding, however if paying a florist is not in your budget. Consider doing it yourself for a lot less.

Essential Things to Know About Your Phal Orchid

Phal orchids are great for beginners because they are easy to care for and are absolutely beautiful when they bloom. They do however, have some specific requirements which, if ignored, can lead to infrequent blooming and even death of your plant.

Design Ideas For the Do it Yourself Gardener

How many times do we come home from the nursery with a car full of plants and then get home and be totally stumped on where to put them, or we end up moving plants around every spring. Unfortunately I hear this story quite often.

Fertilizing Orchids – 5 Simple Rules of (Green) Thumb

In order to ensure that you are providing the best for your orchids, it is important that you use an orchid fertilizer that has been optimized for the unique needs that orchids have. Fertilizing your orchids properly will help ensure you get the best out of your orchids. Follow the simple steps in this article for great results.

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