Plant Obsessed Botanical Tour -what I feed my worm castings to.

Plant Obsessed Botanical Tour -what I feed my worm castings to.

Butterfly Nectar Plants

Annuals are especially important for butterfly gardens because of their ability to bloom for most of the summer season. Marigolds, zinnias, cosmos, and sunflower are all classic annuals for attracting butterflies.

Fertilizing Tomatoes – Getting the Right N-P-K Ratio

Setting up a new tomato garden? This article discusses the all important Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium balance, what each element does and what the best ratio is for tomato plants.

Butterfly Host Plants

Black swallowtails are those giant yellow and black butterflies. I think everyone in the U.S. has probably seen these! They’re very large and noticeable.

Common North American Butterflies

The monarch butterfly is one of the most well-known butterfly species. It’s common all around the United States and the southern part of Canada. Monarch caterpillars eat exclusively milkweed plants.

Metal Halide Grow Lights

When attempting to grow plants indoors one of the most important choices you make will concern lighting for your plants. All plants require light to grow, and using the right type of lights to stimulate growth at the right time of a plants life is essential.

Instant Japanese Maple Bonsai

Having a Japanese Maple Bonsai in your home is truly a think of beauty and pride. Growing a bonsai from seed requires time, patience and a good spirit. If you’re lacking in one of those areas, the process of growing your bonsai will help you develop as person.

Growing Hawaiian Hibiscus Plants and Flowers

Visitors to our 50th State encounter all kinds of beautiful exotic Hawaiian flowers, including the gorgeous hibiscus flowers. Most do not realize that some of the hibiscus flowers, which they fall in love with, are not indigenous to Hawaii. Why is the yellow hibiscus the State Flower of Hawaii? Is it possible to successfully grow these beautiful exotic Hawaiian flowers on the mainland?

Creating a Butterfly Garden

You can make homemade butterfly feeders from small jars, such as baby food jars. You just drill a hole in the middle of the lid and stuff it with cotton.

Repotting Your Orchid Plant

Healthy orchids can stay in bloom for several months. If you want to maintain the beauty of your orchid for several years, you will need to take care of your orchid. Orchids need to be repotted at least every other year either for general maintenance or to split the plant.

Growing Orchids Indoors

There is no secret to growing orchids indoors. The only problem that people have with growing orchids is they do not have the right information. Proper knowledge is the key to growing beautiful and magnificent orchids every single year. In this article you will learn some tips that will help you in growing orchids indoors and you will realize how simple it really is.

Orchid Information For the Gardening Newbie

Orchids are a favorite house plant around the world and are becoming more popular every day. Their popularity is a result of the numerous variety of species to choose from and the fact that they are relatively easy to grow, once you educate yourself on their needs. With proper watering, lighting and feeding, orchids will flourish in most climates.

Common Mistakes on Watering Orchids

Learn the proper way to water your orchids. Read about the common mistakes on watering orchids and educate yourself on the proper way to water your plants.

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